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 Undercover [Mission. B-Rank 585 wc]

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Undercover [Mission. B-Rank 585 wc]   Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:35 pm

Mission Taken:

Things seemed to be getting quite interesting at that point in time. He could feel himself getting stronger and becoming more experienced in dealing with people, rather than just grabbing and crushing them like the days of old. The next mission consisted of transporting sensitive documents to a secure location outside of the village. it sounded interesting, and Kinzoku looked forward to it. Word of the papers leaked to outside sources, which mean he'd be holding on to hot merchandise, and people would be after him. This only made Kinzoku look forward to this assignment even more.

Kinzoku left the village in a hurry. He first sprinted along the ground, testing the speed that he'd trained. Eventually he was up in the trees, hopping quickly from branch to branch, at least, until the treeline ended and he was forced to run along the ground again.

After so long, several dark dressed figures jumped out of the ground surrounding Kinzoku, making him slide to a stop. The dark dressed individuals all clutched razor sharp katanas. there were 6 in total. "Hand over the documents and we may let you escape with your life," one of them said, his voice deep and raspy.

"...Come take them," was Kinzoku's response. It was met with laughter all around him. Kinzoku's expression didn't change.

"We have a tough guy here. Kill him, make this quick," one said, and 2 of the dark clad guys rushed him. Swords were swung. Neither of them hit anything. "Kill him! What are you doing? He's just one kid!" One of the katanas were snatched and stabbed into the head of it's owner; Kinzoku stabbing the blade all the way in to the handle. The dark clad individual began to convulse and spill blood from his mouth and nose. This enraged the other, who made a fierce swing towards Kinzoku's head, but he caught the blade with his bare hand. Kinzoku broke his wrist after a hard twist then punched him in his face with his other hand. His face was covered in blood. After a nasty pop and crack sound, he was on the ground convulsing next.

The remaining 4 guys all tried attacking Kinzoku at the same time. Kinzoku was grazed twice, drawing blood. #1 was punched twice in the head, fracturing his skull. #2 had a leg and an arm broken, then his head stomped in. #3 was gutted several times with his own sword. #4 was beaten to death with the blood #3.

Kinzoku left the guys all in a pile for wild beasts and animals to come and feast upon. The rest of his trip went without incident. After meeting ANBU agents in a cave and handing over the documents, Kinzoku headed back toward home...

WC: 585/500
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Undercover [Mission. B-Rank 585 wc]
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