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 Misdirection [Mission, B-Rank, 517 wc]

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Misdirection [Mission, B-Rank, 517 wc]   Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:59 pm

Mission taken:

This had to have something to do with the last mission he was on; delivering sensitive documents. This one had to be in an effort to throw enemies off. News of these papers were purposely put out there for the wrong ears to pick up on, and Kinzoku would be playing decoy.

Kinzoku, after eating a sandwich and washing it down with a fruity beverage, left the village, taking the same route that he took during the last mission. This time he didn't move as fast, nor did he take the tree route. He moved slowly and obviously, as to give away his presence.

One of the same dark dressed individuals from last time attacked Kinzoku. He dodged a kick and a swing of a katana. "Give me the papers!" he yelled, repeatedly attacking Kinzoku; the attacks repeatedly dodged. Kinzoku returned fire with a normal punch, uncovered by metal. He didn't want to hurt the guy, too badly. Kinzoku floored the guy several times, being careful not to hit him too hard. Even the light work he was giving him seemed to stun him and shake him up at times. It left Kinzoku to wonder if some of these guys were really up to this bad guy thing.

Kinzoku danced around with the guy a little longer, just to put on a show. occasionally he'd punch or kick him in the mouth. When another came to join him in the fight is when Kinzoku dropped the papers on purpose while tangling with the first. Knees and headbutts were delivered in abundance. The second guy, in possession of the papers, threw a smoke bomb and help his comrade get away from Kinzoku. They had what they came for, so there was no need to further dirty their hands fighting.

Kinzoku fanned smoke from his face, full aware of the fact that the two were leaving with the fake papers. Another mission complete, he turned to head back home...

Wc: 517/500
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Misdirection [Mission, B-Rank, 517 wc]
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