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 A Shoe? [Mission: D Rank][461 / 100]

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Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: A Shoe? [Mission: D Rank][461 / 100]   Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:43 am

Mission – Find a Lost Shoe:

Art had been slacking in the mission department for quite some time. She had been so busy with this and that that she really hadn't been fulfilling her obligations to their fullest: that was going to change today. No more excuses: she had a sensei now and she needed to start proving what she could do. So, as she was handed the slip with her assignment she read it carefully and then couldn't help but laugh: she had to find a shoe? There really wasn't a description of this shoe she was supposed to be looking for either – just that it was a shoe and it was lost. Well then, she would get a chance to see how difficult of a task this was going to prove to be soon enough, apparently.

Artemis walked out of the building, planning to get to work and get started right away. She double checked the slip, seeing the indicated area that this shoe had last been seen in, and headed in that direction. She walked slowly, giving herself time to be able to look around and actually search. Who knew what she might find, after all?

She was careful as she looked not to bump into anyone – she had picked a rather busy time to complete this task. No matter, she would press on regardless. After a good twenty minutes of walking she saw something underneath of a bench, lying sideways in a puddle. As she got nearer she bent down and reached with the pointer finger of her right hand. She touched this object, turning it over: it was a shoe. However, it had clearly been there for quite a while, and it was definitely something's chew toy before it had been abandoned. This couldn't be what she was looking for.

Standing up once more Artemis continued on, leaving the disgusting shoe behind for whatever creature had tried eating it to find again. About ten more minutes passed before something else caught her eye. It was on the side of the road, as if someone had somehow dropped it and forgot about it. As she moved closer she could see clearly that it was a shoe. Unlike the last one she had found though, this one looked nearly brand new; used but not abused. She picked it up, looking over it for a moment before shrugging her shoulders. She was told to find a shoe and she had.

So, with the found shoe in hand she turned and headed back; off to return the shoe and check in on a mission completed so she could start rolling in the ryo: not that she had actually any intentions of spending it right away.

Word Count: 461 / 100
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A Shoe? [Mission: D Rank][461 / 100]
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