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 Paint Job~ [Mission. D-Rank. WC: 332]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Paint Job~ [Mission. D-Rank. WC: 332]   Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:29 am


Okay, it's getting to be time to quit taking every single mission get saw. Painting the admin building, for shits sake. This was academy work. No self respecting Genin should have to do this. This was kids stuff, literally. He was pretty sure he'd done this once before when he was a 2nd year. 'Practice for your Wall Walking skill,' they called it. More like free labor. Whatever. He reported to the Chunnin in charge of handing out the paint cans and brushes and checked out his set.

"You going to be using the belay or repel lines?"

"I'm pretty sure I passed basic wall walking."

"Attitude doesn't make it any less boring."


"Aaaaanyway, wall walker it is. You'll be working on Level 5, Sections 4, 5, and 6."

"Right. Back in a few hours."

To the Chunnin at the base of the building he went, checking in and heading up the wall. The sections he was assigned to work had a lot of overhangs and decorative features, meaning that even wall walking would be feasible. Up the wall he went, working on the overhangs and tight spaces first, leaving the open areas for last. Almost backwards of what one would normally do, but this way would be easier for him. He could hang and move over the open spaces far easier then, now he needed to be fresh and ready to hold awkward positions for long times. Which he ended up doing, one particular area of fine details took over half an hour of him hanging by one foot hooked over steam pipe. So much fun.

The rest was easier, just repetitive and boring. He got lucky for the last half hour or so, he was close enough to one of the other workers to shoot the breeze while they worked.

Finished, he climbed down and turned in the remaining paint and his brushes, taking his pay with him and heading home for a shower.

WC: 332/100


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Paint Job~ [Mission. D-Rank. WC: 332]
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