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 Discovering the Perv [Mission, D-Rank 527 wc]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Discovering the Perv [Mission, D-Rank 527 wc]   Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:01 am

Mission Taken:

Mission time. If he was going to get any closer to getting his gourd back, he'd have to rank up. Rank up involved missions. So after a quick trip to the mission board, his first mission scroll was in hand.

The mission involved going undercover in a store to find out why employees were quitting within the first couple of days. It wasn't quite what he was used to, but he was prepared to suffer whatever he had to in order to get back his gourd. Kinzoku wore a pair of glasses to hide his yellow eyes and changed his clothes so that he didn't look obvious. He also acquired a small disposable camera.

The hire-in process was about as normal as a hire-in process would be. There were several others in the store too. The guys worked in the back for the heavy lifting. The females worked out front, the faces of the business. Kinzoku's observations let him know that the female's smiles were all paper thin. He planned to find out why.

This didn't take very long at all. While sweeping the back room Kinzoku discovered that it was the manager who was causing problems. In the back storage room he appeared to be having his way with one of the female employees. "Now this can be easy, or it can be hard," Kinzoku heard him say through the door that wasn't closed totally. "Relax and accept something that you might enjoy... or resist and get fired. Not only that, but i'll make sure you never get another job in this village again. Or anywhere else for that matter."

Pictures were taken of the obese man before the girl with his pants down. The girl looked angry and disgusted at having to perform a service on him. Tears were in her eyes as she relented with hesitation and went to pleasure the man, but was stopped when Kinzoku opened the door and walked in. A grim look was on his face as he took his glasses off, revealing piercing yellow eyes. "What-what the--" he said, scrambling to pull up his pants. "You should-you should be sweeping the back room like I told you, what are you doing? You want to get fired?"

"Fire me. Makes no difference," Kinzoku said, showing him the camera. "You won't have a job here either, after today... I was sent here to find the source of a problem. You're the problem."

The girl quickly scrambled to her feet and ran out of the back room. The manager started to look furious. "A spy, then? You're gonna give me that camera you little shit!"

"...Come take it."

He stepped forward and was punched in the gut with a bronze covered fist. A wheezing sound was produced from his mouth as he bowled forward, his eyes bulged. An uppercut that knocked some of his front teeth out came next, sending him crashing to the floor. He wasn't moving afterward.

When the proof and the testimony of the females of the store were presented to the owner, the manager was fired and shamed across the village as a pervert.

WC: 527
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Discovering the Perv [Mission, D-Rank 527 wc]
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