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 Collecting the Debt [Mission, D-Rank 375 WC]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Collecting the Debt [Mission, D-Rank 375 WC]   Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:40 am

Mission Taken:

The next mission was to find someone who owed money and remind him that he owed, as it looked that he was trying to duck payment. Sounded like another simple task. Kinzoku walked back through the village reading the scroll, feeling the eyes of those that knew about his dirty past. While normally the stares would bother him, today they didn't matter. The important thing was to advance, and get back his gourd. It was all that was on his mind. Someone running their mouth about something that happened in the past was little more than an obstacle.

The man's address looked deserted. It seemed like no one was home, and no one had been there for days, possibly weeks. The mailbox was over flowing. Or, maybe that was just how he wanted it to seem. Kinzoku had to hang around for hours, but eventually someone emerged from the seemingly deserted house, dressed in a large coat and hat. He hurriedly stepped off the porch and into the normal traffic of villagers, not knowing he was being followed.

After a quick trip to the marketplace to retrieve several necessities, he attempted to make his way back home, not before being yanked into an alleyway, causing him to spill all of the goods he held in his arms. Turning over, the frightened man looked up at the 6 foot Kinzoku, staring back down at him with yellow eyes. "I think you forgot that there's people you owe money to," he said, folding his arms. "I'm here to jog your memory."

"Yeah, I-I know, I know! I wasn't ducking you guys, honest! I was gonna pay today as a matter of fact!" he said, trying to gather his goods.

Kinzoku looked grim. "Sure you were," he said, looking at the man's obvious disguise. "That's why i'm going to escort you to the loan shark to make sure. Let's go."

The man's scare look turned to disappointment. Apparently he thought that if he hid long enough the sharks would forget about him and he wouldn't have to pay the money back. Things unfortunately didn't go that way. After paying he was broke, but at least he was alive. Things could have gone much worse...

WC: 375
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Collecting the Debt [Mission, D-Rank 375 WC]
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