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 The Pursuit of Knowledge[Yokuchiagkure to Amakagure]

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The Pursuit of Knowledge[Yokuchiagkure to Amakagure] Empty
PostSubject: The Pursuit of Knowledge[Yokuchiagkure to Amakagure]   The Pursuit of Knowledge[Yokuchiagkure to Amakagure] I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 12, 2015 1:06 am

The back her recently bought was heavy with all the equipment Nasin would need for the trip to Kyuuten no Kumi. The country of floating lands. It was enough to drive anyone curious. Enough to make Nasin curious. Perhaps they have a better understanding of the human body than his homeland. Nasin knew much of the public history of every nation as he lived in the jewel of the desert. A land of commerce. Using this to his advantage Nasin has learned a good amount on countries he would travel to.

While gathering his last remaining items Nasin made sure to leave the room as clean as could be. It was the right thing to do. Truth be told in the end the room would soon be used for some of prostitutes to use during working hours. Nasin knew this would happen, but thought it nice to leave the room tidy. The brothel served as a good home all these years, yet he felt nothing as his departure came closing with every minute. Nasin felt sad pang of sadness come over him as he realized his entire life was empty. It was painfully empty. Not filled with happiness, sadness or even anger. It did have doses of laughter, but even then it felt fake. Staring outside the window Nasin saw the usual scene of whores, drunks and thieves. He felt nothing.

Pushing past the employees of the brothel Nasin finally reached the entrance to the building. No one questioned his leave. No one ever did. The slums of Yokuchigakure was a life he planned to leave behind for now. Still Nasin knew that one day he would be forced to come back to this filth for it was where he was born. It would be an hour or so of walking before he would reach the village entrance and a few more hours for the desert jewel to be out of sight. By then Nasin would be a campfire staring at the distant night sky.

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The Pursuit of Knowledge[Yokuchiagkure to Amakagure]
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