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 I'll put a hole in your wall[C-Rank/Solo/Private]

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I'll put a hole in your wall[C-Rank/Solo/Private] Empty
PostSubject: I'll put a hole in your wall[C-Rank/Solo/Private]   I'll put a hole in your wall[C-Rank/Solo/Private] I_icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2015 9:38 pm

Mission name: Find the Source of the Foxes (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Find out how the foxes are getting into town and block the entrance.
Reward: /
Mission description: Holes in the outer wall are allowing the troops of foxes to enter the city. Find these holes and seal them shut.
Mission details: So long as you find at least 2 holes, you will be paid. The holes appear at random, and all over the walls, so don't worry about not finding any.

"I.Hate.My.Job." Zaiaku blatanly said as he walked around the outer wall, following Kodo as he sniffed the ground and wall for clues. Apparently the little fox fuckers were getting in via holes in the wall. How did the holes even show up? WHO KNOWS! All Zaiaku knew was that he was the one to seal these holes today. He simply just didn't have any luck finding any so far. Kodo wasn't having any fun either, but he had somewhat of a idea of where a hole might be based on the scent of foxes. Nonetheless, Zaiaku was bored as hell and was running out of cigarettes (you'd wonder how he hasn't gotten lung cancer yet). "Any luck, boy?" Zaiaku said in mild irratation. Kodo simply shook his head, but quickly nodded as he ran off ahead, making Zaiaku chase after him. After a few minutes of running, the hyena eventually stopped, allowing Zaiaku to slow down and take a breather. "What...the...fuck..." He panted, holding onto his stomach. Kodo simply rolled his eyes and jumped up, making Zaiaku look at what he was refering to. Holes! Two of them! Side by side! With a smile, Zaiaku stood straight, having finally found some things to seal up. However, he then realised something. Neither of them brought the tools needed to seal up the holes.

~~3 Hours Later~~

Zaiaku wiped the sweat off his brow as he placed the cylinders of stone on the ground, having carried them from the other side of the village, as well as Kodo since he decided to be lazy. With a large sigh, began to lather both cylinders in wet cement before slowly and carefully sliding them in into the holes tightly, sealing them off. Though he knows he only did two, he did NOT want to do anymore, especially after carrying Kodo. Thus, he set off for his pay and then, ultimately, to home.

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I'll put a hole in your wall[C-Rank/Solo/Private] OUTc9zL
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I'll put a hole in your wall[C-Rank/Solo/Private]
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