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 The Sands, The Seed of Strength [Solo/Stat Training - Strength (C-Rank - B-Rank) WC: 2250]

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Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: The Sands, The Seed of Strength [Solo/Stat Training - Strength (C-Rank - B-Rank) WC: 2250]   Sun May 24, 2015 9:03 am

Officialy recognized as a Jounin, the lone wolf shinobi known as Silcardo Yaegaki had started to make a name for himself. He was feared by those who lacked taijutsu, or atleast, the level of taijutsu he had himself. The only problem he had was that he lacked ninjutsu and genjutsu. He couldn't perform neither of those, but also did not try to do so. Out of respect for his late parents, he practicioned but taijutsu. Till this day, he has been focusing himself on his speed, but to become the best he had to become the best in everything, at everything and with everything. So today, he was going to train his strength. And what was a better way to make sure to gain results, then to train with his lifelong teacher: Tasachi Nurayasuke. He has known him since he was born so to speak, and was the closest of people to his parents. During a stroll to the village, he had delivered a letter to Tasachi telling him to come to their favourite spot. The place where they had found a bo staff that belonged to his father: Pendrantine Yaegaki. His father, who had been missing since the death of his mother. Surely, Silcardo thought of the possibility that his father was the one who did it, instead of shinobi from their former village. But, what was the catch? None. They were a happy family, really. He missed one clue though.. Why did his parents leave the Village Hidden in the Ring of Fire? Hinowagakure no Sato. It was a enormous place surrounded by jungle. Supposedly, it was a paradise. Therefore, it wouldn't make sense. Nothing made sense. Where did his father go? Why did they desert the village? He looked down to the sand as Tasachi Nurayasuke approached him.

Tasachi put his hand on Silcardo's shoulder. ''Are you alright?'' He asked. ''Yes.. ofcourse. I started thinking of my parents and got lost in my thoughts, I suppose. It's been so long..'' Tasachi looked at the ground with grief, but smiled afterwards. ''Well, let's quit this sentimental stuff.'' He said, as he dropped a large bag he had been carrying right next to Yaegaki. ''Open it. There is a book with a dark red cover.'' Tasachi said, as he walked backwards and pulled out two nunchucks from his belt, that all of a sudden were set aflame. Silcardo smiled as he put the book Tasachi was talking about on the rock he was sitting on. He stood up and dropped his jacket on the ground, leaving him in but a white tank top and green cargo pants. He entered a fighting stance as Tasachi played around with his nunchucks waiting for their sparring. They approached each other slowly, and all of a sudden fist and nunchaku clashed. The fire burned on the Silcardo's knuckles but he embraced the pain and kept on going. Even though Tasachi was elderly and very old, the guy has been a rock when it comes to combat. His fire release was focused on taijutsu, just like Silcardo focuses on taijutsu too.

The two clashed over and over, and there appeared to be no end. Silcardo tried to break the chain or one of the nunchaku by hitting it with brute force. It had no succes however, as those things had diamond extracts and were made out of the strongest minerals in Kouya no Kuni. However, he could fool Tasachi with his former strategy. He aimed his fist at one of the nunchaku, and right before he would hit it, he lowered his feet so that his fist would hit something below the nunchaku: Tasachi's elbow. As Silcardo struck his elbow, a crack was heard to a point where Silcardo knew he could turn the evenly matched fight into his favor by kicking Tasachi in the stomach from the side, hurling his legs around his legs as Tasachi fell down to the sand.

He smiled as Tasachi lied down on the ground, and reached out his arm to help him get up onto his feet again. Tasachi grabbed Silcardo's wrist and Silcardo pulled him up. ''Still, does my punching power increase from this?'' Silcardo asked. ''Depending on where you strike. But, the most effective training I know of for training punching power is written in that book. Not sure why you wanted to spar with me, hehe.'' Tasachi said, laughing.

Tasachi Nurayasuke's Appearance:
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The Sands, The Seed of Strength [Solo/Stat Training - Strength (C-Rank - B-Rank) WC: 2250]
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