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 NOT THE FOXES[C-Rank/Solo/Private]

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PostSubject: NOT THE FOXES[C-Rank/Solo/Private]   NOT THE FOXES[C-Rank/Solo/Private] I_icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2015 7:53 pm

Mission name: Infestation? What's With All the Foxes? (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Remove the Foxes
Reward: /
Mission description: A band of rouge foxes has been terrorizing the local people; stealing food and causing damage to building and goods. Remove them by any means necessary.
Mission details: The foxes are barely D-rank in power, and travel in bands of 4-6. They don't spook easily, however they prefer not to attack. Capture or Kill, so long as you get them all you'll get your pay. If you do kill them all, be sure to bring in one carcass with an intact head for rabies testing and an additional 50 ryo.

Zaiaku was a bit bored as he walked down a quiet street, Kodo trodding at his side, bored as well. Apparently, foxes have been damaging the shops of merchants and stands of goods. So of course they send the biggest, greyest, most monsterous guy they have to deal with the problem. Fan-fucking-tastic. Nonetheless, he took the job with minimal fuss. After all, he needed money. Thus, here he was, traveling down a street where they were supposedly sighted. Though he was armed with nothing but his machete today (gasp!) he knew they were simply dingy old foxes and would do virtually nothing to him and Kodo. Of course, he was thinking this as he was reaching hour three of searching. "Goddamn fucking damn shit..." He muttered in pure frustration, as well as earning a giggle from Kodo. "Ah shut it boy, you know you hate this to." Zaiaku said in response to the laugh. Nonetheless, the large hyena smirked.

It wasn't until they both heard a low grunt that they stopped and looked around. A alley to their left was filled with about six foxes, eating some scraps from a dumpster. Bones, rotten fruit, left-over meat. What ever, they chewed on it. Kodo and Zaiaku simply exchanged glances before Zaiaku nodded his head. Within a instant, Kodo charged at the back, dwarfing in every aspect. Size, strength, speed, endurance. With that, a single fox was in his mouth, held by its neck, unmoving. Two more were trapped under Kodo's massive paws. Seeing this, the remaining three quickly backed off, running off until they were a good six meters away. Zaiaku slowly approached Kodo, unshealthing his machete. Raising it above his head, he brought it down on one of the trapped foxes' neck, killing it almost instantly. Kodo then let go of the dead fox in his mouth and immediately bit down on the head of the remaining trapped fox. A very loud cracking noise could be heard as he crunched the bone, spitting out the mangled remains of the head.

"Leave on the head don't damage it to much. We'll get paid more if you do." Zaiaku said slowly to Kodo as the duo approached the remaining three foxes. It was dead end, leaving the creatures no where to go. However, that didn't stop them from barking and growling at the two beasts. Kodo responded with a loud park of his own and lunged at the closest fox, sinking his teeth deep into its neck and crushing the bone. Meanwhile, Zaiaku threw his machete at another one. It hit its mark and go stuck within the torso of the still living creature. Thus, Zaiaku forced it out and slashed at its head, killing it. The last fox lunged onto Kodo, biting and scratching at his side. Of course this did little to nothing to the hyena, making Kodo giggly insanely as he quickly went and smashed his side to the wall, hurting the fox and making it come off. With that, he easily bite down on its head and killed it, spitting it out as he then went to the broken neck on and held it within his mouth. "That'll do boy..now lets go and get paid. I still need to get home to make dinner for Zaigou." Zaiaku said as he shealthed his machete and began to walk off, Kodo following behind him, fox in mouth.

577/250 Words


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NOT THE FOXES[C-Rank/Solo/Private]
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