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 I hate writing...[Training | Private

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I hate writing...[Training | Private Empty
PostSubject: I hate writing...[Training | Private   I hate writing...[Training | Private I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2015 8:42 pm

Zaiaku snored loudly as he turned to his ride side in his large, king-sized bed. The blanket only covered up to his waist, leaving his upper torso exposed. Despite laying his side, he was rather sprawled out on the bed, taking up most of the space. His entire room was dark, safe for the candle that lit on his dresser next to bed. The sole reason it was there was in-case if any important people came along and had to speak to him, they would at least be able to see slightly in the dark. However, this would matter little as Zaiaku's alarm clock began beeping loudly, signifying that it's time for him to get up off his lazy ass and go to work. Zaiaku, slow to wake, groggily reached over, feeling for the alarm clock. After a few moments of his hand fumbling around, he finally managed to find it. Zaiaku then promptly balled up his fist and smashed the small machine, as well as cracking the dresser the dresser underneath. Sitting up, Zaiaku put out the candle with his fingers before standing and heading over to the light switch. Flicking it on, he yawned loudly before surveying his room. It was a complete and utter mess. Shirts, vests, pants, and underwear (which he rarely wore) were all about the floor. The one trash can in his room was filled with emtpy bags of chips, empy cans of soda and beer, and empty cigarette packs. In other words, everything seemed to be in order except for one thing. Zaiaku promptly walked to the left side of his bed, seeing that Kodo was laying there, still asleep. "Wake...up..." Zaiaku said with another yawn, kicking the large canine awake. "Come on Kodo...don't make me tell you again..." "Go fuck y-" Kodo wasn't able to finish his response as Zaiaku promptly kicked his again. "ALRIGHT!...Alright...dick.." Kodo mumbled as he stretched out, yawning as he did. It was currently 6:04 AM, a time Zaiaku never had to wake up at until his promotion. Though being Kouyakage did have it's perks, he had to be serious about his job. He was chosen to rule over the village after all, and as much as he may bitch about the paperwork, he knew he was still going to do it even if he had a choice.

With that, he then made his way to his closet, opening it up. Picking out his usual pants and sleeveless shirt, he then proceeded to put on his Kage robe over it (which was literally nothing more than a sleeveless haori). Holding the hat in his right hand, he made his way to the bathroom. He then proceeded to simply brush his teeth before putting on cologne and deodorant. With that being done, he then proceeded to the kitchen, opening the fridge and taking out a paper bag lunch (which was essentially his left over dinner from last night) and proceeded to leave it on the table as he then proceeded to walk back and enter Zaigou's room. The little child was still asleep in his bed. It was Sunday, after all, meaning there was no school. With a sigh, Zaiaku quietly kissed his temple before leaving the room and closing the door, knowing that the guards will have to find someway to entertain his son. Going back to the kitchen, he picked up his lunch, put on his hat, and made his way out of his front door with Kodo following in suite. Closing and locking the door, he yawned once more as he looked at his home. It wasn't exactly a house of course...more so a mansion. It was very large and commonly had numerous guards at various points of it. This was no different this morning, as Zaiaku easily spotted two on the roof and two near one of the sides. The mansion itself was the residence of all Kouyakages, being inherited by next one in line for the title. Zaiaku chuckled to himself, remembering back a few mere months ago when he was told that this would be his new home. Awe -struck couldn't even begin to define how the grey giant felt. He proceeded to shake his head, however. He couldn't stay here and reminence in the past (even though he wanted too). He had a job to do and he sure as hell was going to do it. With that, Zaiaku was off, heading to the nearest stair case. Within the matter of minutes, he was already crossing a bridge to get to it. The bridge it self, while rather old, was still a quite strong and beautiful piece of architecture. Along the sides of it were stories, carved by either the original makers or by repairers. Each one was about something that happened in the early history of Yokuchigakure no Sato (which almost made the story instantly false) or was about various epic tales of heroes and kings and warriors. Even to this day, Zaiaku was still marveled by it and took him time in decifering the images when on his free-time.

Soon enough, Zaiaku and Kodo were off the bridge and now heading to the staircase. In-front of the passageway stood two guards, each one armed with a single, sharpened spear. Their armor was a emeraldish blue in color, covering their entire bodies while their heads were concealed within their helmets, hiding their faces from the giant. Nonetheless, as the giant and his hyena appeared, the two men stepped aside to allow Zaiaku and Kodo to pass before resuming their previous positions. Walking up the stairs, the duo began to realise just how early it was. No light was shining at the other end of the stairway, making them walk in almost complete darkness. Upon exiting the stairway, Zaiaku and Kodo looked around. The sky was a very dark blue, but didn't have the blackness of night. It also didn't have many stars out, signifying that the sun will be coming out soon enough. Zaiaku had a mental sigh of relief. For a moment there, he thought he woke up during the night and, thus, wasted his precious time to sleep. Thankfully, that wasn't case, and he (along with Kodo) proceeded to head to the administration building. As he walked, he couldn't help but look about the village as he did. Very few lights were on in the buildings, along with the fact that there was virtually nobody else out at this time in the morning. To be honest, Zaiaku was rather happy about that. At the very least, it meant that there wouldn't be anybody out to bother him or slow him down and make him late. Still...it was rather a tiny bit unsettling. The only real noises Zaiaku would hear would be either the desert crickets, the sound of some air conditioners running, or various nocturnal animals in the ally ways, scavenging for food. It almost seemed like the mighty village was dead. The giant couldn't help but rub his head at the thought. It was something he definitely did not want to happen. Being rather enveloped in his thoughts, he almost didn't notice as he closed in on the Administration building's door. Luckily, he managed to stop himself just in time. Opening the door, he calmly walked in, Kodo at his side, a bit more awake now. Almost immediately, he went to the nearest coffee machine and proceeded to drink multiple cups of the warm, brown liquid, partly because he was tired, mainly because he did not eat breakfast and was starving.



I hate writing...[Training | Private OUTc9zL
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I hate writing...[Training | Private
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