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 "I ain't no ninja." [Yokuchi -> Fubuki | Private | Closed]

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"I ain't no ninja." [Yokuchi -> Fubuki | Private | Closed] Empty
PostSubject: "I ain't no ninja." [Yokuchi -> Fubuki | Private | Closed]   "I ain't no ninja." [Yokuchi -> Fubuki | Private | Closed] I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2015 11:44 pm

The night sky was quite dark this night, as it was a New Moon. Thus, the night was black and recieved little to no illumination other than the stars. It was about 4:00 AM, with people who usually are out partying now tending to be at home asleep, and is also when almost all establishments close down. Thus, now was the perfect opportunity to go. Zaiaku, Kodo, Tiger, and Zaigou were all heading down the street, walking in complete silence as they did. Zaiaku and Zaigou were wearing hoodies and large pants, helping them mask their appearance. Kodo was on his leash (for once) while Tiger followed them via the rooftops so they wouldn't draw anymore attention to themselves. Knowing where Espi "possibly" could be, the family decided to go find her, to atleast make sure she is ok. Thus, Zaiaku decided that he needed some help. Apparently some store owner was going to do a shipment of spices to Fubukigakure early in the morning. Zaiaku, hearing this, bribed the man to allow him and his family to hitch a ride in his caravan to Fubuki. Thus, all they needed to do now was meet him at the village gates, which is where he should be waiting. With a good few minutes passing, they managed to arrive just in time and, after a exchange of words, Zaiaku paid the man and quickly climbed into his caravan, followed by Zaigou, Kodo, and Tiger. Then, they were off. The man, with his camels, began to drive into the cold, night to Fubuki. Knowing this would take a few hours, Zaiaku advised everyone to sleep so they could be energized when they arrived. Hours passed as the group slept, with Zaiaku the first to wake up due to the extreme cold he was feeling. Apparently, they had arrived and were passed the gates, now inside the village. Waking everyone up, they jumped out the caravan, with the extremely cold village of Fubukigakure ahead of them.

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"I ain't no ninja." [Yokuchi -> Fubuki | Private | Closed] OUTc9zL
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"I ain't no ninja." [Yokuchi -> Fubuki | Private | Closed]
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