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 In, Out, Done! [Yokuchi -> Fubuki][Espi, or Invite]

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PostSubject: In, Out, Done! [Yokuchi -> Fubuki][Espi, or Invite]   Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:35 pm

Well, that had gone off without a hitch. No one had came into the park in time to catch her kidnapping Espi: the girl was as good as hers. The trip home would be a non-issue. She had brought plenty of clothing with her to cloth the other female in to keep her from freezing: just as Vivian had had to wear special clothes to keep herself from roasting to death she knew Espi would have to wear more than the average Fubuki nin to keep her from freezing to death.

Now it was just time to get her home: thankfully Vivian knew a short cut back; it would allow them to go through a cave that would cut traveling the mountain time in half. Easy peasy.

So, back home with her new toy she went... eager to get the female settled in and have a nice little chat.

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PostSubject: Re: In, Out, Done! [Yokuchi -> Fubuki][Espi, or Invite]   Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:39 pm

The clothing that the other female gave her when they reached the spot that Vivian had stashed her stuff gave Espi an idea of where they were going: not an exact location but she knew it to be some place cold if she had to layer up like that. Cold and Espi didn't go along very well, so this was going to be an experience. The other female didn't seem to say anything to her, and so Espi was still quite curious as to what her fate was going to be. So far she hadn't been harmed though, and so she would just go along with things, knowing that the female could kill her at anytime and Espi would be powerless to stop it.

And so to Fubuki she went with this strange pink haired female, off to freeze her ass off while wondering if anyone would even attempt to find her, and if they did if they would succeed. All the while curious as to what Vivian planned to do with her once they got where ever it was they were going.

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In, Out, Done! [Yokuchi -> Fubuki][Espi, or Invite]
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