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 Forceful Adaptation [Stat Training - Speed (E - B) WC: 3250]

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PostSubject: Forceful Adaptation [Stat Training - Speed (E - B) WC: 3250]   Tue May 05, 2015 12:05 am

 notes y'all  
WC | 530
IT FELT LIKE AN ENTIRELY NEW BODY. In fact, even the strengths of the body felt different. While it kept the same endurance endlessly chiseled in by the struggles of the past, this body was certainly not Yavriil's--Yavriil's alone, in the least. For the time being, it was Lov's. A twisted name to give to one of her personas, but even now, she would recognise herself as only that, despite its masculinity. Either way, the mantle of responsibility was inevitably passed on to her, and the least she could do was own up to it.

Despite the ambitious sentiment, before placing herself wholly into her work, Lov needed a bit of training. Still unknown to how it occurred, Yavriil's body was significantly changed as "Lov" surfaced, a being whose sole purpose was to be the Hikage. One of the changes, evidently, was a reduction in most of her--their--body's motor function. Even when reverted to Yavriil's body, her skills in movement weren't up to par with before. At the very least, her constitution stayed, and the skill and accuracy of bodily control were in tact. The degrees to which they were trained seemed to be all for naught, however.

The only solution Yavriil was accustomed to was the straightforward one: train, once more. But Yavriil was not in control at this time. Lov, the more objective side of the coin, knew full and well that pure and honest training was not the only way to go about regaining oneself, and neither was it the most efficient. What she needed was a bit more motivation than "because I must". Something that requires the release of her inhibited, latent talents or otherwise suffer the dire consequences. Naturally, the next step in this line of thought was to choose the method, which was easy enough to conceive: go out and put yourself in a situation that demands the training of the specified area of motion you want to train.

At the time, training one's speed first seemed like an reasonable choice. After all, speed was a multi-faceted characteristic that could be applied to most situations. In Lov's case, as opposed to just constantly running, it seemed best that she used the speed of something else to compare to herself. Of course, so as to not front weakness before her subordinates, the area of training had to be a good distance away from the village. Furthermore, she couldn't just up and leave the village as its leader; that in itself would be irresponsible, and make the whole point of this redundant. At the very least, Lov had to leave a clone in her place to take care of her duties; and that she did.

Unfortunately, that left her with only half of her power. On the other hand, chakra wasn't really necessary to physically train oneself, not to say that it was a useless trait in the process. Besides, Lov wasn't intent on an extended leave. As soon as she felt satisfied with the level of speed regained, she was to return to the village, return the clone to herself. In the meantime, it was necessary that she focused and immersed herself in the training.

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Forceful Adaptation [Stat Training - Speed (E - B) WC: 3250]
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