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 What a Desolate Place... [ Arrival in Yokuchi | Open ]

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PostSubject: What a Desolate Place... [ Arrival in Yokuchi | Open ]    Thu Aug 06, 2015 5:13 pm

Traveling to Kouya no Kuni had been mostly uneventful. He'd been caught in a couple of storms while he'd been in Hinowagakure's borders of course, but that was only natural. It was his home, so he had been prepared for it mostly. So aside from the weather events, there hadn't been anything special that had deterred him except being dripping wet a couple of times. Now though, he was at the border of the grand territories of Yokuchigakure.

He'd already begun to notice the change in temperature a few days before. It was definitely more arid than he had been expecting, and now he was staring out at a sea of sand. It looked so... different and desolate, and he found himself frowning behind his mask. How could any life live in a place like this? He was already homesick for the greenery that was in Hinowagakure's territories. He desperately wanted to take off the top of his kimono and let it fall to his waist, but he also didn't really want to risk a sunburn. In Hinowagakure there were at least places for shade, to hide from the sun if one needed to, but here... it looked like the terrain looked like the rocky outcroppings that would provide shade were few and far between.

Still, it wasn't going to deter him. He was determined to explore, even if the sand was sticking to him because of how much he was sweating under the sun. He made a noise of slight frustration and set his pack down for a moment before slipping his arms out of his sleeves and letting his kimono fall around his waist before pulling his pack back on his shoulders. His skin would just have to deal with the sun bearing down on him for now as he continued on his trek towards the village.

Sasayaki found himself hoping that it wouldn't bee a very long trek to the village now. Or at least, that maybe that the sun would drop down before he himself turned into a crisp. He also found himself wondering about the life there, keeping his eyes pealed for movement of even small creatures. He'd heard stories of lizards and things that lived in this terrain, but he hadn't seen any yet. Maybe it was at night time the desert became more active? He really wanted to see what life existed in the area.

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What a Desolate Place... [ Arrival in Yokuchi | Open ]
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