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 HOW THE MIGHTY FALL [warriors lb]

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PostSubject: HOW THE MIGHTY FALL [warriors lb]   Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:08 pm



How the Mighty Falls is an intermediate/advanced, au warrior cats roleplay. We have all your favorite aspects of a traditional roleplay, with the added bonus of elemental powers! Play with fire as a Thunderclan warrior; breathe water as a Riverclan cat; run with the wind alongside Windclan; or whisper among the forests’s leaves in Shadowclan territory. If none of these seem to strike your fancy, then perhaps you’d rather mold and manipulate metal as a member of the honorable Skyclan. Whatever your choice, there are tons of possibilities.

Come check us out, and join in on the fun![/align]
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HOW THE MIGHTY FALL [warriors lb]
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