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 Bardo Rebellion [W.I.P]

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Bardo Rebellion

Bardo Rebellion

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Bardo Rebellion [W.I.P] Tumblr_mp7tfjIePA1sw3w6jo1_500

"Maybe there are forces in this universe we don't understand. But I still believe we make our own miracles."


Name: Bardo Rebellion
Age: 23
Birthdate: September 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: Jounin [A]

Village: Amagakure
Element(s): Suiton | Fūton
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Genjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Height: 6’2 ft.
Weight: 210 lb.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
General Description:

Bardo Rebellion is best described as a man that seemingly exemplifies class and elegance. He has long snow white hair that if left to hang without any sort of restraint would reach just above the middle of his back, with his bangs hanging all the way down to the middle of his chest. However, he usually keeps this maintained at least in the back by having his hair pulled within a pony tail with a black scarf that his mother passed down to him holding it tightly in place. He has a soft face that many find easily approachable as they are called over toward him by his seemingly silver eyes that many compare to that of a bright full moon within the orbs of human eyes. Though with this he isn’t a very defined or muscular individual instead he is rather slender standing at six foot two inches many people view him as someone that doesn’t do much having a rather lazy like appearance with eyes filled with not only wisdom and knowledge but also mischief which he couldn’t argue with if every pointed out toward him.  He usually wears a rather simply and basic appearance not truly diving into the fashion of his time but rather attempting to keep it simply usually just wearing whatever would best fit the situation and if just loafing around the village he can normally be found with a white open shirt, black slacks, and some form of shoes though on rainy days usually choosing to go bare foot as he enjoys the feel of the water and muddy streets upon his feet.

About You!

Who is Bardo Rebellion? He is a philosopher of life always striving to find yet untold mysterious within the world and attempt to achieve what many may call the impossible, he has a passion that drives him that many say this generation has seemingly lost sight off and inspires to bring it back within the world yet again. He is an easy – going mellow fellow who strives yes for the yet known and possibly the yet to be unknown, however, he doesn’t truly force his philosophy down the throats of those he encounters or socializes with instead seeks to simply enlighten their minds into something they themselves perhaps couldn’t have seen without the help of another. This is a quality that he truly will and intends to search the world to find instead of what many call the normal and the sane he strives to find like-minded thinkers in the search for what else may be beyond this seemingly primitive world. This is why he had taken up the art of Genjutsu for it to him isn’t simply a weapon to make the minds of others crumble to a paste of nothing less but rather a chance to enter one’s mind and explore their mind and soul and perhaps open them into a world they couldn’t have seen without you….

Therefore, though he doesn’t see himself as such some could go to the extent of calling him a rather manipulative person which drives him to the breaking point upon hearing for it is as if the doors he is seeking to awaken and open within the minds of others always gets smashed into his face for people can’t truly understand the mind set of which he dwells within. With this being said it also makes him walk a rather solitude line of life for he is looked down upon and seen as an outcast within society for his out of the world like view upon society. Though he deals with this lifestyle by leaning toward another art other than thinking that many people have long forgotten or seemingly replaced with that of violence and chaos, which would be his love for music. This is something that comforts him in his darkest hour and also helps push him to keep down the path that he has seemingly set upon….

He uses it as though a mellowing agent to keep him from falling into the line of violence that some many others are easily willing to walk within, another thing that makes up a great part of his personality is admiring the little things within life that many people would choice to overlook unless forcefully told or needed to do. Prime examples of this would be the sheer beauty that makes up the works of nature or a beautiful full moon within a wonderfully bright night sky that can showcase the vast reaches of space with the starts guiding your eyes through the night. These are all things to which he view make up a great deal of his personality in many different ways, for with the admiration that he views the world it has made him a man of great detail taking in his surrounding not out of the concern of danger but rather simply to admire that of which he is standing within, the sounds of which he listens to daily helps him tune into his surrounding for the wonderful music that the world makes all naturally, and his mellow and philosophical look upon life making his mind vast and a wondrous thing that helps him accomplish many of his life goals that he strives toward.

Furthermore, there are kind things that people say about the man as well as the negative which would be that he is a rather benevolent being never truly trying to harm or corrupt someone for no seeming reason and always striving to do nice things even when he is in the worst moods he will put upon his face a bright smile and answer the worlds negativity with a dose of admiration for the chaos and choice to strive forward instead of letting himself sink into the darkness of its depths that have captured so many souls before him. In addition, to this he is also viewed by some as seemingly charismatic for though not many view the world such as he they, however, do strive to see life through his eyes and if it becomes possible they come out viewing life with an optimism that could rival his own as they continue to strive out of the darkness that seemingly shadows the world toward a lighter path while looking at his back. He never truly belittles or downs the skills or mindset of anyone and hopes that the darkness that tugs at the hearts of people around the world never reach his as he continues onward through life not truly striving toward world peace for it is a statement that knowns no true meaning and can turn something meant for positivity into a dark and dangerous objective that you will sacrifice your own soul to achieve, but rather he simply wants to better the world one encounter at a time with a bright charismatic smile upon his face and a message of positivity that he attempts to pass down to all…

With this in his mind there is a strong sense of justice and a willing to help people in distress, even when he becomes severely injured he tries not to show weakness, and stay strong in front of his companions to show that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it may seems to wander through. However, even a man like this has his flaws and can become something that not many people truly desire or deserve to see and that is a side of him that only appears when he becomes enraged, this happens when his companions or friends are harmed in any way, this is when he goes into a state of brutality using his skills instead to inflict the most possibly mental and physical damage as possibly. He loses all qualms of hurting people he will not tolerate the threatening or hurting of anyone he finds important to him and this is when is darkest side will arise without hesitation leading to a rather disastrous outcome.

However, even with this dark side he doesn’t truly like killing anyone, this is a trait that many people call him naïve and soft for, however, it is rather the opposite for him for sometimes he can be slightly arrogant in his abilities and finds that if need be he can be the absolute protector of that of which he holds close and refuses to believe that he will ever be in a situation that he can’t protect those he cares for. Therefore, this is the personality of Bardo Rebellion and individual that strives for nothing but to better himself and the world around him and sees no obstacle too big for him to overcome to achieve this goal…

Birth Arc:

Academy Acr:

Genin Arc:

Chuunin Arc:

Part 2 chunnin- Present :

RP Sample:

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Bardo Rebellion [W.I.P]
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