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 Shoe Shopping [Find a Lost Shoe, D Rank]

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PostSubject: Shoe Shopping [Find a Lost Shoe, D Rank]   Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:34 am

Find a Lost Shoe:

“What are we going to do today, Pyra?”, Josie asked as she looked to her pale skinned guardian. Pyra turned his pyramid covered head towards her, looking at her. She smiled brightly, bouncing in place, and waiting for some sort of response. Pyra dramatically shrugged his shoulders and grunted: he didn't care what they did, so long as they did something. Josie chuckled and reached over, taking Pyra's hand as she often did. She tugged on his hand gently to get him to follow her as she lead the way to the mission board. “Let's find something easy to do, okay? I'm kind of tired today...”

Pyra grunted; the sound wasn't happy sounding and she knew what the issue was: she had had another nightmare and it had led to a very sleepless night of her crying in her pillow while Pyra attempted to sooth her. “Don't worry, Pyra. I'm okay now.” Pyra grunted: not believing a word of it. But, now wasn't the time to get into it, and it wasn't the time to try and sooth her friend: there was work to be done.

Attempting to stiffle a yawn Josie looked around for something easy, if perhaps a little boring. She picked up a scroll and read it quickly: a shoe had been lost and needed found. The owner didn't even remember what the shoe looked like, but so long as she found something decent looking they'd be good. “Alright, come on. We gotta find a shoe. That should be easy enough.” Pyra grunted and followed her out, his hand back in hers.

Josie led the pair down the street, looking around for anything that resembled a lost shoe. The first few blocks brought around no results. By the third block they had found a very nasty and dirty looking sock: it was so stiff that it was still in a position that indicated it looked like a foot was in it. Josie wrinkled her nose and gave the sock a wide berth and Pyra glanced down at the thing as if he wanted to light the offensive thing on fire. On to the next block they moved and Josie was beginning to give up hope that they would actually find a lost shoe. She was just starting to think that maybe she would go buy a super cheap pair worth less money then what she would make back, when she spotted something red colored underneath of a bush on the side of the road.

She wandered over, getting ready to pick it up, when Pyra reached down and snatched it up for her. It was a sneaker that looked to be in pretty good condition and which had no matching pair. It was exactly what they needed. Pyra kept hold of the shoe, not wanting Josie to touch it, and Josie took his free hand as they walked back to the mission board to turn the shoe in and receive payment for it. “Maybe once we're paid we can go take a nap. How's that sound, Pyra?” Pyra nodded, and grunted.

Word Count: 610 / 100
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Shoe Shopping [Find a Lost Shoe, D Rank]
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