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 Painting with Pyra [General Repairs, D Rank]

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PostSubject: Painting with Pyra [General Repairs, D Rank]   Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:54 am

General Repairs:

“What do you think, Pyra? Which one should we take?”, she deferred to her mostly naked guardian. Pyra was as usual pale as death and wearing his usual blood covered butchers smock with a large pyramid on his head that hid his face well: quite the sight to see in fact at the Hinowa mission board as many people were looking at the unlikely duo with quite a bit of interest. Pyra didn't seem to pay them any mind though: they were keeping their distance and that was all that he cared about. Pyra turned his 'head' towards the mission board and pointed towards a mission labeled General Repairs. “You want to fix stuff?”, she asked curiously. Pyra simply grunted and shrugged.

Josie reached over, plucked the scroll, and read the details quickly. There was some odd jobs around the Administrative building that needed completed and it was paying well enough: if there was one thing that Josie was so used to that it was practically a habit it was earning her own money. “Alright, looks like there's some painting and stuff that needs done. That shouldn't be too hard: I like painting.” Pyra grunted again as a response and Josie reached over and took her guardian's hand. She led the way, skipping as she went, down the hall and towards the supply closet: Pyra, far larger then Josie, kept up easily enough and didn't seem to mind her method of travel.

Josie found the cans of paint she was supposed to use and as she went to pick them up Pyra beat her too it; easily picking up several in his much larger hands. Josie glanced back at him, smiled gently, and stood back up. She grabbed some paint stirrers, a rolling brush, and rolling pain, and a pain brush. She followed Pyra back out of the storage room and down the hallway which was roped off because that was where they were supposed to begin painting.

Pyra placed down the paint cans on the laid out tarps and easily pried one of the lids off for Josie. Josie dipped a wooden paint stirrer in, gave it a good mix until it was all well combined again, and then poured some of the paint into the roller pan. She then pulled the plastic off of the paint roller, dipped the sponge into the paint and got it good and coated. She removed the excess paint and then looked up: even with the roller she wasn't going to quite be able to reach the top. Pyra, thinking along the same lines reached down and grabbed Josie by her hips gently. He lifted her up into the air, easily giving her access to the much higher portions of the wall.

Josie, giggling, began to apply a coat of paint to the wall when she felt Pyra shift. She glanced down at her gaurdian and blushed. “Pyra... are you looking up my skirt?” Pyra grunted in response: something Josie took as a yes. Still blushing and attempting not to get flustered she quickly finished applying the coat of paint to the upper section of the walls, pausing every now and again so that she could add more paint to the roller sponge.

Eventually, Pyra placed her gently back down on her feet and stood next to her as she finished her task – though it was quite clear he felt he should be the one doing the manual labor and not her. When she was fully done with the painting she took a step back and admired her handy work: the coat of paint she had applied was very even and there were no drips, plus there were no sections missed. She also hadn't got paint anywhere she shouldn't have. “Looks like we're done, Pyra.”

Pyra grunted, picked up the remaining cans, and carried them back to the storage room for her while she carried the lighter supplies to dispose of what had been used and replace what hadn't been. When they were finished she took Pyra's hand once more and skipped her way back towards the mission board, eager to get her first official payment. “Maybe we should get some ice cream, how's that sound?” Pyra grunted in response: she was going to take that one as a yes too.

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Painting with Pyra [General Repairs, D Rank]
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