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 Demon to Kouykage........wait what? [Private]

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Demon to Kouykage........wait what? [Private] Empty
PostSubject: Demon to Kouykage........wait what? [Private]   Demon to Kouykage........wait what? [Private] I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 10, 2015 12:18 pm

Zaiaku sat in utter silence on the couch. He swore a simple sleeveless, collard shirt and black pants with a pair of worn out sandels. He had just returned from the hospital, since he was checking on Zaigou. He was nearly fully recovered from his injuries and would be discharged soon. Though he was happy about that, very much so, there was still one thing that disturbed him very much. Zaigou told him about what happened in Fubukigakure, where Zaiaku went unconscious due to the cold, they found Espi, and were struck down by two people who were accompanying Espi. Alone in the darkness of his home (Kodo being at the hospital to keep Zaigou company), he was left to himself to think on what to do next. After all, Espi had left the village and wished to remain in Fubuki, while Yudai, Zaiaku's kage, was no where to be found. Unsure of what to do, the giant sighed. After a few hours of mulling the whole situation over, he came to a conclusion. He was too trusting. Too caring. Too reckless. It was his fault this entire ordeal had happened. Had he been carefully and actually planned this out, things would've been different. It was his fault his lost Tiger and that Zaigou was hurt. With a sigh, Zaiaku stood. Deciding the only good course of action was to put this behind him and focus on fixing what is already broken, he turned on the lights. He then went and began to enter his bedroom before digging through the pile of worthless stuff. After a seconds of looking, he found what he was looking for.

Hauling a very large chest out of the closet and placing it on a bed, he opened it up, revealing a huge sum of pictures, objects, and scrolls. Picking up a picture, Zaiaku looked at it for a few moments. The picture, though in rather bad condition, was a picture of Zaiaku's mother, father, and him back when he was a child. In the picture, he was holding both his mom and dad's hands as they lifted him up, making laugh with glee. "Dad...Mom..." Zaiaku said to no one in particular in a hushed voice before putting the picture back in the chest before taking out another thing. This time, it was a scroll. Opening it and reading, he noticed it was created by Jinhue Dakorienga, his late uncle. The scroll itself contained information about various combat techniques and martial arts styles, and this was only one scroll in Zaiaku's huge collection of his uncle's knowledge. With a quiet chuckle, Zaiaku proceeded to put the scroll back before there was a knock at the door. "Comin'!....I SAID I'M FUCKIN' COMIN'!" Zaiaku yelled as the knock persisted. Opening the door, he was greeted by three men. One was a elderly man, possibly in his eighties, wearing extravgent silk clothing. He had a simply, white mustache, wore somesort of silken cap, and had a skinny, long beard that reached down to his stomach. The other two men were much taller than the elderly man, reaching up to Zaiaku's shoulder. They wore shiny, metal armor as well as carrying a spear, sharpened to the point that it looked as if it could cut clean through stone.

"I...uh...I..." The old man began, stuttering as he looked up at Zaiaku's less than human face. "I-I-I come from the sultan...he wants to speak with you." He said, causing Zaiaku's eyes to widen. "The sultan? The motherfucking sultan!? The man who tells kage what to do!? What the hell does he want with me?" Zaiaku yelled in his mind, surprised by this. "Uh...a'ight." With that, the group began walked down the streets to the village gates, where Zaiaku could hear constant whispers coming from various people. Things like "Who is he?", "Why are the sultan's guy here?", and "Did he do something bad?", which didn't help Zaiaku's mind at all. After about a hour of walking, they reached the village's gates, where they met the Sultan's escort. A very large caravan pulled by eight horses was before Zaiaku, who was awestruck by the sight. The caravan itself looked almost completely new, and was engraved with various things from folklore while the horses were very well-kept and looked stronger than most oxen. "Please step inside." The elderly man gestured Zaiaku in, where he then followed along with the two guard's men. There was a large seat at either side of the caravan, with Zaiaku taking the back one, while the elderly man and the two guards took the front one. With that, they were off, the horses almost instantly running as the rider motioned them to go. After a few moments of silence, Zaiaku spoke. "So.........who're you?" The elderly man looked up and smiled gently, having quickly gotten used to Zaiaku's demonic look. "I'm Abdullah, a simple advisor for the Sultan."

After introducing himself, he then went and motioned the two men next to him to speak. "General Akibre of the Sultan's personal guard." Said the one on the left. "Private Aminah of the Sultan's personal guard." Said the one on the right. "Zaiaku..." Zaiaku said simply, the elderly man smiling as he did. "Oh, we know who you are, and so does the sultan. He wishes to speak to you about a very serious matter, one I cannot tell you." "Why?" "Because if I do, my tounge will be seared off." With that Zaiaku went silent, deciding that talking to these people wasn't good for his health. After a few hours of riding in the desert, they had arrived. The building was gigantic! Zaiaku couldn't help but gape at the marvel until Abdullah snapped him out of his trance and gestured him to follow. The entire place was decorated from head to toe and was extremely well kept. Pictures of past sultans and their families dotted the walls while various pieces of art could be seen here and there. It didn't take long to come to the sultan's room, where he sat. "Thank you for coming, Mr.Koran." He said, gesturing Abdullah out, which did and closed the door behind him. "Now.." He began "I'm sure you know that Yudai Kurotsuchi is missing. We simply can't find him any where." "Yeah..." "Well...we decided that there needs to be a new kage and....well...the most capable is you." ".........Say what?" "Yes, well, we tried looking for other candidates, and you seemed to be the best one suited for this." "I-" "Do you accepted leadership of The Village Hidden in the Oasis, yes or no?" "..........Yes..." "Excellent. We'll notify your officials as fast as we can. Until then, have a nice day."



Demon to Kouykage........wait what? [Private] OUTc9zL
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Demon to Kouykage........wait what? [Private]
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