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 Killed the Rouges [Mission, A-Rank, 1,090 wc]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Killed the Rouges [Mission, A-Rank, 1,090 wc]   Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:25 pm

Mission Taken:

Members of the council were receiving death threats... Members that were alive today because of his mother, because of the torture she'd suffered for years. Kinzoku was the reminder of that; a stain on history. But here he was, about to go secure their safety; setting off to kill those who'd made those threats. Just another day at work, right? He often wondered if any of those council members or even the kage herself took things into consideration. The result of years of torture now saving villagers and killing evil ninja.

These evil ninja were also responsible for kidnappings and murders outside of the village. Kinzoku didn't see things as saving the day or being a hero, no, nothing of the sort. He only saw it as a chance to get stronger; a chance to advance. A chance to get closer to his gourd, which he happened to be very close to now. He didn't care if someone considered him a hero after this, or if a particular few kept considering him a monster; a freak of nature.

The mission scroll pointed out 5 main rouge ninja, but Kinzoku knew there could have probably been more. The council wanted the shinobi assigned to this mission to bring back something from each of the 5 as proof that they were eliminated. There was one, considered to be A-rank in terms of skill. There were 2 B-ranks, and 2 C-Ranks. Kinzoku planned on starting from the bottom and working his way to the top, as to save the best for last, but plans didn't always go according to that plan, and he was expecting anything.

It didn't take Kinzoku very long to track and determine the position of the hideout these rouge ninja were holding out. Kinzoku had much history in tracking bandits and rouges already, from his time in hunting them; a time he called "the bloody years." It was a small house situated out in the wilds. 2 individuals were standing guard outside of the front door. Kinzoku could look them over and see just from the way they were the ones on bitch duty, how they were dressed - and also how they were armed - that they had to be the 2 C-ranks. He decided not to waste any time here.

Kinzoku was upon the first in what would seem to him to be the blink of an eye. He wasn't able to get a full look towards Kinzoku before something shiny and metal smashed into his face. The sounds of bones shattering were loud, and blood was drawin instantly. The second C-rank turned to see his partner launched off of his feet airborne, his body at the mercy of nature as it spun out of control and lifeless. The second was barely able to get his kunai out, but changed his mind and began to execute some kind of jutsu. Kinzoku, still on the move after dispatching the first c-rank, looked at his hand sign and was able to ascertain that he was preparing to launch off some kind of suiton jutsu. A left hand composed of metal grabbed his face and clasped over his mouth and nose as his mouth began to fill with water. A right hand, also metal and clasped into a fist, slammed several times into his stomach. Around this time is when the first C-rank flew through some of the branches of the surrounding trees, being hung up on one. With nowhere for the water to escape, the second C-rank was drowned and fell limp in Kinzoku's hand.

Kinzoku collected articles of clothing from both as proof before heading inside of the house. It was 2 floors, and a basement below. The two B-rank rouges were on the ground floor in different rooms, while the A-rank had to be either upstairs or in the basement. Stepping quietly with chakra coating the bottoms of his feet so that his footsteps couldn't be heard, Kinzoku approached the first B-rank in the living room, his back turned. Metal hands go in action: one clasps over his mouth while another impacts his spine, it and his neck being broken at the same time. The bones crunching and popping were somewhat audible, causing the second B-rank to come investigating from the kitchen. Kinzoku formed a Rasengan in his right hand, to thrust it into the second b-rank's face as he turned from the kitchen. The jig was up at this point, as the chakra projectile makes a loud grinding noise and completely blasts the rouge through the far wall, creating a loud noise and a big mess.

This rouses the A-rank from the basement, katana in hand. "You killed my guys," he said, furious. "Hinowa ninja! You die today!"

This one was almost equal in terms of speed to Kinzoku, as he was grazed several times by the sword while dodging. He could execute wind and water jutsu just the same as his previous comrades. He probably would have cut Kinzoku several times if his kenjutsu skills were better, but he didn't seem very skilled with the weapon. In the end, the weapon was snatched from his hands and used to decapitate him. The body seemed to dance around, the red crimson liquids shooting from the neck like a geyser, before falling and twitching on the floor, creating a flood of blood.

After taking articles of clothing from the 2 B-ranks, and the A-rank's sword, Kinzoku left the scene.

WC: 1,090
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Killed the Rouges [Mission, A-Rank, 1,090 wc]
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