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 Kinzoku Vs Meyers [Mission, A Rank, 1,184 wc]

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PostSubject: Kinzoku Vs Meyers [Mission, A Rank, 1,184 wc]   Sat Jul 04, 2015 10:18 pm

Mission Taken:

The smell of blood was in the air, the smell of fresh blood being spilled. That, and the screams, the sounds of struggle and panic. Something was going on. A killer was loose in the streets, and it wasn't Kinzoku. No, whoever this was, he was far more menacing. This was the work of a monster, a hideous beast with no remorse that had to be put down. From what Kinzoku could see, some of the lesser Shinobi were attempting to deal with this person, whoever he was, but they were having no luck whatsoever. Soon Kinzoku figured he would have to step in and deal with this menace himself. Kinzoku wasn't one to be too concerned with the lives and affairs of others, but whoever this killer was, he was currently cutting a path through many innocents; men, woman, and possibly children. None of which had been trained to fight or had any knowledge to execute or perform any ninja techniques. It was becoming harder as time passed to remain standing where he was, currently upon the rooftop of a building very close to the Administration Complex.

The temptation to deal with this monster down in the streets had become too great at this point. Kinzoku jumped from his position and began to traverse the rooftops, heading for the source of the chaos.

As he got closer, yellow eyes began to paint him a mental picture. The streets were painted red with blood. Dead bodies littered them like old garbage. A trail of carnage lead through the houses, where homes and been invaded and people had been stabbed to death while they were eating, sleeping, bathing. It looked as if all of them had been killed while they least expected it. Kinzoku planned on finding whoever was responsible for this and beating the life from their body, one broken bone at a time. He would make this person suffer a long, slow, painful death, and relish in the sounds of their screams and pointless attempts at getting away. Kinzoku had no qualms about killing someone, but this, the wholesale slaughter of those who couldn't even defend themselves... this was just plain murder. Kinzoku planned to put a stop to it.

Kinzoku wasn't worried about what sort of punishment he'd have to face for slaughtering whoever was behind this catastrophe. He began to move faster. Kinzoku jumped off of a rooftop and landed down in the street crouched. He stood up straight among dead and bleeding bodies, and others running for their lives. Ahead, someone in a jumpsuit and a mask was inside of a house, chasing it's occupants through the living room. The occupants were hysterical and falling over each other as they tried to get away, while the masked killer, wielding a large kitchen knife, calmly walked toward them. As Kinzoku was a killer who stalked his prey himself, he himself began to walk in the direction of the current carnage. Folding his arms as he walked up a flight of stairs and through the open doorway, being held open by another dead body, Kinzoku walked inside.

The house's occupants, a male and 2 females, scarred and bleeding from various wounds, stumbled around the corner to the living room into the hall that lead to the front door and past Kinzoku as he walked inside. "No! You don't wanna go in there! He's--" was all the male was able to get out before Michael turned the corner, and encountered Kinzoku's right foot. He'd jumped and spun, executing the Strong Whirlwind. The attack came so fast that the occupants were unable to keep track of Kinzoku's movement. The 3 of them went silent in amazement and awe.

Michael spilled backwards in the hall toward the kitchen, rolling twice. Of course that wasn't going to be enough to put him down for good. Without looking at the occupants, Kinzoku waved them out of the house with his left hand. They didn't hesitate to vacate the scene. Getting a good look at this guy, he didn't look like much, but Kinzoku wasn't so stupid that he'd judge someone on their appearance alone. Kinzoku wondered what a silent killer's screams sounded like when they were being beaten to death with metal hands.. As he stood in the hall, his arms folded, yellow eyes watching as the killer rose slowly back to his feet with his attention on Kinzoku now, Kinzoku planned to find out....

Michael walked toward Kinzoku with the butcher knife upside down in his right hand, making a swing towards his mid-section. A left hand made of steel rose to block the swing. Michael made several other attempts towards the stomach, neck and face areas, each swing being blocked steel hands, creating sparks upon impact. Michael soon found the weapon ripped out of his hand. When Kinzoku made a hard punch toward Michael with his right hand, Michael was sent flying backwards at a high rapidity. He crashed through tables and chairs before slamming into a rear wall. Before Michael could fall down, Kinzoku was upon him quickly as he ricochet off the wall. Kinzoku side-stepped Michael, and as he passed, performed another Strong Whirlwind to his back, which made Michael go flying even faster.

Those standing outside could hear the crashing noises, then saw Michael come flying out of the house like a comet to go crashing into the house directly across the street, creating more loud crashing noises. Kinzoku could be seen calmly walking after him. Some people could be heard saying things like "monster versus monster" among other things. Kinzoku walked into the house, where there could be heard smashing and boom sounds. Several times did Michael's head be pushed through a window or a wall, only to be yanked back inside where there was more smashing and crashing from the beating he was taking.

Michael was finally knocked back outside through a wall, landing among debris and furniture in the streets. Kinzoku eventually came out after him in a slow and calm manner. Michael seemed to be having trouble standing up. Kinzoku stomped the ground as he approached, causing Michael to go upright from the pressure. Kinzoku spun and smashed a metal foot into his mask. Many other kicks came, impacting his mid-section and legs. Everytime Michael tried to fall, a kick lifted him back to his feet. Onlookers seemed to be satisfied that their loved ones were being avenged, even if it were Kinzoku, someone else they weren't too particular of, doing it.

A blank expression on Kinzoku's face, he blinked once, deciding not to drag this out. A clone appeared, and began using it's chakra to place a Rasengan into his opened right hand. It vanished into smoke when it was done. Kinzoku shoved the blue projectile into Michael's chest, causing it to expand rapidly and make a loud grinding sound. Many standing around stared in amazement and awe. Michael was blasted backwards and sent rag dolling between houses and buildings, falling motionless and smoking before too long. Folding his arms again, Kinzoku turned and silently moved off...

WC: 1,184/900
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Kinzoku Vs Meyers [Mission, A Rank, 1,184 wc]
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