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 The Formation of another Squad [Emiko, Amatsu, or Invite Only]

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PostSubject: The Formation of another Squad [Emiko, Amatsu, or Invite Only]   Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:20 am

Temaki glanced over to the overly large dog bed that was beneath one of the several large windows that were open in hopes of tempting in a breeze. Sprawled out in the sunlight on said bed was her red and orange colored, horse sized, pure blooded wolf, Blast. The wolf was sleeping; comfortable, with his eyes closed, and his body warmed by the sunlight streaming in. Temaki was loathed to wake him, but knew that both Amatsu and Emiko would be arriving shortly. She had sent them a message to come because she couldn't hold off the inevitable any longer – Emiko needed a proper sensei and Amatsu was the closest to her skill wise. She hoped that there would be no issues considering Amatsu's age; but that would be a bridge that they could cross if and when they got to it.

Temaki had been keen to take a more hands on approach with Emiko since reading her file – she was slowly catching up on everyone in her village now that she had some down time. She knew of Emiko's history, and also knew of who Emiko was related to: that in itself made this situation a bit delicate.

”Wake up, Blast. We're going to have company big guy.” The wolf opened one eye, lifted his large head, yawned at her in a very obvious 'fuck you, you're lucky I love you' sort of way and then laid his head back down – though he kept his eyes open. Temaki chuckled. ”You can go back to sleep when this is over with. We just need to tie up these last few loose ends before we're able to take off to Hana in a few days...”, she said softly. This apparently got Blast's attention as the wolf's ears perked and he became all that more attentive.

Temaki grinned a bit and then relaxed back in her chair, taking a moment to just be comfortable, as she waited for Amatsu and Emiko to show up. In her mind she ran down what she wanted to say; both about the squad she was placing Emiko in as well as the conversation she planned on having with the Commander General that involved Emiko. It also would be a good chance to give Amatsu some of the more 'hidden' details on Emiko – such as her relationship with said village head.

Temaki picked at one of many claw marks that were deeply shredded into her desk as she waited...

I got a bullet with your name if you're crossing the river.
Got a casket just your size and I came to deliver.
I got your funeral planned out and I just called up your minister.
Told your wife and kids you won't make it to dinner.
You know what happens to sinners and crooks? We dig 'em a hole.
Put 'em six feet deep, we've never granted parole.
Every sentence here is death...
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PostSubject: Re: The Formation of another Squad [Emiko, Amatsu, or Invite Only]   Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:26 am

Pop! Exploded the bubble gum bubble as the bubble that Emiko had been in the midst of blowing reached far too large a size. A quick bit of tongue work and the blue gum was removed from her lips and promptly brought back into her mouth for more chewing. This process was repeated several times over, each time ending in a rather sharp pop before the gum was removed from her lips and brought back inside of her mouth for more chewing. Gum chewing as a whole wasn't something she often did: it was more of a nervous habit for her, really.

Boy, did she have something to be nervous about.

Not more then an hour ago she had received a summons to the Rakuenkage's office and that was something you just didn't ignore. Of course, Emiko had gone through her head and made a list of all her recent activities: none of which could have warranted such a demanding visit out of the blue like this. Unless... well, could the Rakuenkage have figured out that she had used Genjutsu during two of her latest missions and as such had others preform the labor she herself had gotten paid for? She had been so cautious and careful to make sure no one was around to see what she was doing, but perhaps someone had simply caught on anyway.

As this latest thought crossed into her mind Emiko felt her heart accelerate as she glanced down at herself, hoping that she was presentable: she was dressed in her best – which was to say black leather boots that were freshly polished, black leggings with a purple spider web design, a black pleated skirt that ended two inches above her knees, and a black v-neck t-shirt. Her village hitai-ate was, as if often was, hanging from around her neck where it could clearly be seen. She had even ensured she freshly brushed her red hair which was parted severely on the left; strands of red bang falling into her yellow cat-like eyes that were lined with jet black eyeliner. If she was going to be in trouble – and she was sure that this was what this sudden meeting was about – she at least wanted to look her best doing it. Her parents hadn't taught her a lot before abandoning her, but they had taught her that first impressions could make or break a situation: she definitely wanted to remain on the Rakuenkage's good side.

Emiko flashed the letter to the receptionist upon arrival in the administrative building and was given quick instructions to the Rakuenkage's personal office – a place she had never been before in her life. She didn't dally though, and ensured she made good time making it up the steps. Once on the proper floor she headed down the hallway to the doors that had been described to her: double, heavy wooden doors... with claw marks on them. Yeah, that did nothing to decrease her fear though she did her damnedest to keep it from showing.

Emiko squared her shoulders, lifted her right hand which was in a loose fist, and knocked loudly. Her hand was dropped back down, fingertips clasping together in front of her as she waited to be told to bugger off or come in.

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The Formation of another Squad [Emiko, Amatsu, or Invite Only]
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