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 Monamasume (WIP)

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PostSubject: Monamasume (WIP)   Monamasume (WIP) I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2015 1:29 pm

His Tattoo:

  Name: Monamasume Mitarashi
  Former Name: Monamasume Mitarashi Suigyomatsu Unraimatsu Furaimatsu Kuunerutokoro Sumutokoro Chōkyūmei Chōsuke Hokurika
  Age: 57
  Birthdate: March 3rd
  Gender: Male
  Sexuality: Homosexual
  Rank: Genin

  Village: Hinowagakure no Sato
  Element(s): Yōton
  Specialties: Taijutsu
  Special Characteristics: N/A


  Weight: 247 lbs
  Hair Color: Black
  Eye Color: Black
  General Description:
25 Years Ago:


About You!
25 Years Ago:


Sumotokoro Chōkyūmei Chōsuke:

  RP Sample: "LADIES AND GENTLEMAN,AH! WELCOME TO THE NATIONAL UNDERGROUND FIGHTING TOURNAMENT!" Called out the announcer, the crowd of possibly a few hundred cheering out, yearing for nothing but utter violence. A boy dressed in a mere hoodie and hakama walked to the arena, looking awe at the people. "Alright, we have a few new people this year. But let's start with out latest star. Rumor has it, he was once a friend of the legendary Roku Suigyomatsu, lover of Kandid Unraimatsu, and executioner of the Uraimatsu Yakzua! Let's see if he'll show us a few torture methods to night. Now then, put your hands together for...MONAMASUME!!!" The crowed bursted into cheers and clapping. Monamasume merely gulped, not all expecting this. His eyes wandered amongst the crowd until it came to a familar, white hair man, pipe in mouth. Sosai merely nodded and gave Monamasume a smile. Monamasume smiled back. "Now then, let's see our second contender! Hailing from the Land Of Swords, he is called "The Mad Dog Of Kabuki"! If his mother calls, he's not here. Give it up for... MAHOMASHIIII!!" Upon saying that, a man jumped down from seemingly no where, landing in-front of Monamasume. He wore a purple gi and red hakama. He had copious amounts of red hair, while his face was painted in the style of the Kabuki.

"Alright. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLE!" Said the announcer, the crowd cheering. Monamasume merely got into a wrestling stance while Mahomashi got into a karate one. "Get ready to see how my geta taste!" The man growled as he charged forward, preparing to attack Monamasume as Mona himself charged, ready to counter. Moha lashed out with a palm strike. However, Mona quickly grabbed his wrist and brought him close as he smashed his elbow into the man's face. Moha stumbled backward, hand on his face, as he grunted his pain. However, he quickly regained himself, and attempted to grab at Monamasume, but Mona, much more agile, jumped over Moha before grabbing him from behind. With expertise skill, he brought him into a suplex, and then another. The crowd cheered in excitement. Moha broke out of his grip, however, but Monamasume quickly grabbed his arm and, getting into a certain hold, broke it, the loud, sickening crack being feared across the arena.

With a roar of pain, Moha pushed off Mona, and held his now broken left arm. Monamasume merely got into his stance and awaited for the kabuki. Moha, after a moment of silence, growled. "Damn you!" He yelled as he suddenly lunged for kick with his geta. Not having any of that, Monamasume grabbed his leg with both hands and, using Moha's own momentum, threw him to the other side of the ring, where he landed with a loud thud. The referee appeared and began counting. "1!2!3!4!" Monamasume looked about, knowing it was over. "8!9!10! Match over!"

  Faceclaim: Taiga Saejima - Yakuza (Series)
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Monamasume (WIP)
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