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 A Letter Needing Sent [From Temaki to Jai]

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PostSubject: A Letter Needing Sent [From Temaki to Jai]   Thu Jul 02, 2015 11:20 pm

Temaki glanced over to her To-Do list – sometimes you just needed one in order to remember everything that you had to do – and realized that she had still not written to the Commander General about coming to Hanagakure for a visit. Figuring she needed to do that sooner rather than later to ensure that the message had plenty of time to reach him she pulled a fresh piece of paper to her and picked up a writing utensil. She paused for a moment to think about what she wanted to say; there was more then just the matter of her visit that she needed to address; before she got to work writing.

Commander General,

I'm not one for a lot of fancy writing and fan fare so I'll keep this short and to the point. I'd like to come to your village for a visit and a chance to talk face to face; as well as a chance for a few days of some rest and relaxation. There are a few matters I'd like to discuss with you that I don't trust to put down to paper.

If granted permission to come I'd be bringing with me my wolf (he's too clingy to keep home, he'll howl all night long and keep up the neighbors), my student and his companion, and likely his student and hers. We'll likely be coming within three days if granted your permission; please let me know at your earliest convenience.

The Unconventional Rakuenkage

The letter was as simple and as to the point as she could make it; she hadn't even wanted to write in who all would be coming simply because that kind of information gone astray could cause issues. However, she also didn't want to show up with that many people without giving at least a heads up – pets were often counted as shinobi themselves, and Blast was large enough to count as two.

Temaki called in her usual messenger – the guy was fast, loyal, and knew to keep his nose out of things – as she was sealing the letter up. She handed it over and watched as he took off to deliver it to Hanagakure.

I got a bullet with your name if you're crossing the river.
Got a casket just your size and I came to deliver.
I got your funeral planned out and I just called up your minister.
Told your wife and kids you won't make it to dinner.
You know what happens to sinners and crooks? We dig 'em a hole.
Put 'em six feet deep, we've never granted parole.
Every sentence here is death...
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A Letter Needing Sent [From Temaki to Jai]
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