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 An Emergency at Home [Hinowa -> Hana]

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PostSubject: An Emergency at Home [Hinowa -> Hana]   Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:59 pm

Thankfully Jayr had always been a light packer. So, it had been nothing at all to leave on such short notice, nor as suddenly as she had done. She knew deep down that her sister would be alright, but the fact that she was refusing treatments and running away worried her. If her sister had a coughing fit, or worse, in the process of being outside and no one was around... it wouldn't end well. She had completed the 'mission' her father had given her, and had had a bit of time to herself, so all in all it wasn't a waste. Especially given how close her, Temaki, and Karukaya had gotten.

Jayr ran full speed as she left the land if Hinowa, Cana running at her side. Thankfully, she was honed for just this sort of thing: a medic who was lightning fast and more then capable of fighting on the front lines. Water, trees, rocks, shrubbery, it all passed her by: only not a blur simply due to her natural perception to detail.

As she was preparing to exit the forests near Hana she noticed Bankai and someone else, but didn't bother to stop: her sister was top priority. And so, she pushed herself a bit further... returning to Hana with Cana at her side.

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An Emergency at Home [Hinowa -> Hana]
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