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 Knock Knock! UPS! [Mission: D Rank][574 / 100]

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PostSubject: Knock Knock! UPS! [Mission: D Rank][574 / 100]   Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:07 pm

Mission – Ninja UPS!:

”Looks like we've got another delivery type mission, Fa Mulan.”, Artemis said to her albino monkey companion as she looked over the latest mission scroll. Now that she wasn't living with her parents she was doing missions more rapidly: she had to be able to take care of Fa Mulan properly, and she wanted to be able to afford such a task herself. She wanted to be as self sufficient as possible. Plus, ,it was a chance to bond and work together with Fa Mulan: they needed to get this down properly and the more experience they had the better off they would be.

”Monkey Delivery! Knock knock!”, Fa Mulan said, speaking for once in the human language: she had recently started to become more vocal, and the pair were working on improving her human language skills while Art was also working on learning Fa Mulan's own language. The idea of being able to communicate with her companion without anyone else being able to understand them was an advantage, one that she had noticed rather early on.

”Thats right, Fa Mulan. Come on, we better get moving. We've got to pick the package up from Hoshi and deliver it to Hiro which means we have to stop in the market.” Fa Mulan clambered up her back, perching herself there while her arms wrapped loosely around Artemis' neck: their usual method of traveling – thankfully, the monkey could hang for seemingly ever and never tire.

”Gogogo!”, the monkey said excitedly.

Laughing, Art left the building with Fa Mulan on her back. They traveled through the streets, several people stopping and staring at the strange sight: a monkey was one thing, an albino monkey was in a whole different ball park of strange. They took short cuts, saving themselves a lot of time, and avoiding the majority of the hustle and bustle that was the market during this time of the day. When they arrived at Hoshi's shop they used the side entrance. The pair waited patiently for him to finish up with his customer before grabbing his attention. ”Hello, Hoshi. We're here to pick up that package you need delivered to Hiro.”

”Ah yes. It's right here. It's very fragile now, so please be careful.”

”We will.”

”We will.”, Fa Mulan chimed in, mimicking Artemis.

Art was then handed the package and sent on her way. She took back roads and alley ways to avoid the market itself: the last thing she wanted was bumped into and to drop the package after all. It took nearly fifteen minutes before they reached Hiro's house and as they reached the door she knocked softly.

”Around back, please!”, she heard a voice call from the backyard. Curiosity peaked the pair took off to the back of Hiro's house to find him in the back gardening. ”What can I do for you, dears?”, the elderly man asked.

Artemis held up the package carefully so that he could clearly see it. ”We've got a package for him from Hoshi.”, Artemis explained.

”From Hoshi.”, Fa Mulan mimicked.

”Ah yes, thank you very much dears. I appreciate it.”, Hiro said as he got up, removed his gloves, and then took the package. He carried it carefully inside after checking to make sure it wasn't broken.

Artemis nodded, Fa Mulan mimicked her, and the pair left to receive their payment for a successful job well done.

Word Count: 574 / 100
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Knock Knock! UPS! [Mission: D Rank][574 / 100]
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