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 Boxes and Monkey Business [Mission: D Rank][681 / 100]

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PostSubject: Boxes and Monkey Business [Mission: D Rank][681 / 100]   Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:55 pm

Mission - Transporting the Boxes:

Artemis looked at the mission scroll, reading it carefully, while Fa Mulan – her monkey companion – hung from around her neck and looked over her shoulder at it as well. The mission was rather simple really: they were to deliver some boxes from one storage room in the administrative building to a newer one that was located higher up. Manual labor was never something Artemis minded doing: she was strong due to her Taijutsu skill, so lifting boxes and moving things were right up her alley so to speak. Plus, this mission would give her more of a chance to get used to working with Fa Mulan – and it wasn't dangerous with made it perfect. [color=red]”Alright, Fa. Looks like we need to move some boxes from one storage room to another in this very building. Sounds easy enough, right?” The monkey made a chirping sound of agreement and she chuckled.

They headed out of the room, and down the hallway to the maintenance room: it was a place she had been before when she had been in charge of mowing the grass and trimming the shrubbery around the building. She knocked softly upon arrival and waited to be allowed in.

”Come in.”, she heard a soft elderly male voice say. Art opened the door and walked in with a smile. ”Oh, I remember you. Art, was it? What can I do for you? And whose this adorable creature with you?”

”Yup, Art. This is Fa Mulan. We're here to help move some boxes from the old storage room to the new one. Are they locked?”

”Yes, but I have the keys right here...” He reached into a desk drawer, pulled out a set of keys with two keys on it – one older looking and one newer looking. He pointed to the older one and then to the newer one as he spoke, ”Shouldn't be too hard to tell them apart. Older one goes to the old storage room, newer to the new one. Just return them when you're done. There's a trolly in the old room to make it easier on you two, but you'll still have to contend with the steps I'm afraid.”

”Not a problem, thanks.”, Art responded as she took the keys. Her and Fa Mulan headed to the old storage room and unlocked the door. A flip of a switch later and the room was cast in a harsh bright light. ”Alright, Fa. Let's start with the big boxes and get those out of the way and then work our way smaller. This way we get the hardest part of the job done first, kay?” Fa Mulan made a noise of agreement and they got to work.

The five large boxes were loaded onto the trolly, one by one, and dragged up the steps with Fa Mulan rushing ahead to open doors and make the job far easier. One by one this went on until all of the large boxes were dealt with. Then they moved on to the medium boxes, stacking them two on top of each other and bringing those up the steps and to the new storage room as well. Finally, the smaller boxes were left, and with Fa Mulan continuing to help her, and keep doors and such open for her, the task went by without a hiccup. Before bringing the last of the small boxes upstairs she locked the old storage room door behind herself after shutting off the light.

Once all of the boxes were upstairs Art took the time to organize them, making sure she didn't leave a mess behind; while also ensuring that there was more room for more boxes of files to be added at a later date. When she was done she shut off the light, Fa Mulan hanging off of her back once more, and locked the storage room door. They headed back to the maintenance room and turned the key in before heading to turn in their mission and get a well deserved snack.

Word Count: 681 / 100
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Boxes and Monkey Business [Mission: D Rank][681 / 100]
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