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 Monkey Mail Service [Mission: D Rank][448 / 100]

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Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Monkey Mail Service [Mission: D Rank][448 / 100]   Sun Jun 28, 2015 2:40 pm

Mission – Mailman:

”Looks like we get to play mailman, Fa Mulan.”, she responded to the monkey that was looking over her shoulder at the mission scroll in her hand. The monkey couldn't read quite yet, but that didn't stop her from trying. The monkey was hanging from around Artemis' neck, her usual perch. ”We've got to deliver these letters to Lee, Yen, and Kei. Their addresses on the envelopes so it shouldn't be too hard to find them.”

The monkey out of a soft screeching noise of excitement: she was all for going on missions, and it excited her to actually get a chance.

Grinning a bit Artemis left the mission board and headed outside. She looked down at the addresses on the letters, deciding which was the closest: Lee would be first, followed by Kei, and then finally Yen as his address was the furthest away. With the plan in mind she headed down the street, hung a left and kept walking. She walked down another two or so blocks before she reached the proper street. She counted the house numbers until she reached the number she was looking for and headed down the walkway. She pulled the proper envelope out only to find Fa Mulan sticking her hand out for it. ”You want to give it to him?” The monkey nodded and was then handed the envelope.

Fa Mulan moved up to the door after getting down from Art's back and knocked. The door was opened and Art, grinning a bit, pointed down to the monkey. Lee looked surprised but smiled. Fa Mulan let out a chirping noise before handing the letter over to Lee and very clearly waving goodbye. She then scrambled back over to Art and climbed back up her back, returning to hanging loosely from around her neck. Art waved goodbye too and then headed down the street.

Another turn, and a few blocks down and they were in front of Kei's house. She handed Fa Mulan the envelope and allowed her to deliver this letter too in much the same way as she had before. Kei too showed surprise and yet joy at seeing the albino monkey. Once Fa Mulan had returned to her perch they continued onward to deliver the last message.

Arriving at Yen's house she handed the last envelope over to Fa Mulan and allowed her to knock, deliver it, and return to her perch once more. ”Good work, Fa Mulan. Come on, let's go get paid and get a treat, kay?” The monkey let out a chirp of approval to the plan and Art simply grinned as they headed back the way they came.

Word Count: 448 / 100
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Monkey Mail Service [Mission: D Rank][448 / 100]
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