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 Merchant Protection [Mission, C-Rank, 612 WC]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Merchant Protection [Mission, C-Rank, 612 WC]   Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:12 pm

mission taken:

Another protection mission. This time he didn't have to escort the person far, just around the village. His job was to visit the local businesses and re-supply them with merchandise. It sounded simple enough. He didn't expect any attacks, but just like his last mission, shit happened.

Kinzoku met Huang the merchant near his delivery cart. Haung was all smiles and grins and 'how are you's' when Kinzoku approached, but not being the friendly type, Kinzoku just stared down at the little man with his plain expression. Haung stated that he had seven stops to make, and Kinzoku replied with "The sooner begun, the sooner done."

The first 2 deliveries went down without any problems. The 3rd, several dark dressed individuals approached Haung in a swift fashion with the intention of doing him arm. Haung looked around and saw that Kinzoku was nowhere in sight. Before the 2 individuals could get too close though, they were both grabbed by someone within the traffic of people and dealt with quickly.

Huang looked to see Kinzoku nearby, walking with his hands in his pockets. He nodded his head to Haung, and Haung, breathing a sigh of relief, nodded back. He continued on with his deliveries. 3 more deliveries went by without a hitch, before 3 more of the dark dressed individuals were seen approaching. One was hit in the face with a metal fist. Another was tripped and stomped several times. The last one was hit multiple times in the stomach and mid-section, snapping ribs and causing him to vomit blood.

Something began to seem a little fishy. Why were these guys, dressed like gangsters, after a simple merchant? Something seemed off about Haung's smile too. What exactly was he re-supplying these business with?

6 and 7 happened with no incidents. Haung was still all smiles. He was thinking Kinzoku for his help when Kinzoku suddenly punched his cart with a metal fist, splitting it open and revealing the contents inside. Drugs, disguised to look like food and other supplies. "Uh... eheheheheh, this isn't what it looks like," Haung said nervously.

"You're right," was Kinzoku's response, collaring Haung. "I thought you were re-supplying these people, but you're just another drug dealer. I know a few people who'll want to have a word with you..."

Haung tried to bribe Kinzoku, offering to cut him in on the profits and even the business if he wanted, but his words reached deaf ears. Kinzoku turned Haung in to the authorities and left to get himself another mission...

WC: 612/250
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Merchant Protection [Mission, C-Rank, 612 WC]
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