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 Hinowa Village Hierarchy and Rules

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PostSubject: Hinowa Village Hierarchy and Rules   Sat Jun 27, 2015 1:48 pm

Hinowa's Village “Hierarchy”

Temaki Inu

Jounin S:

Jounin A:
Amatsu Kishou

Special Jounin:
Karukaya Kaname


Artemis Tatsumaki
Sasayaki Yurei

Rank up Requirements for Hinowa:
  • I will NOT take payment for rank-up requests. I expect missions to be done.
  • I prefer to see more than just the minimum requirement met when it comes to rank-up missions (nothing insane, but at least a few extra helps to add extra fluff).
  • I expect social threads and require links to them before rank ups will be approved.
  • I expect training threads done too; I will not rank you up if I do not feel you qualify skill wise for the slot, no matter how many missions are completed.
  • Before you take a rank up slot that slot must be available: I'm attempting to keep the village well rounded, and this means I don't want a bunch of high ranked people floating around. With that said, if you have TRULY earned it, and gone above and beyond with the work, you will be ranked up.

I got a bullet with your name if you're crossing the river.
Got a casket just your size and I came to deliver.
I got your funeral planned out and I just called up your minister.
Told your wife and kids you won't make it to dinner.
You know what happens to sinners and crooks? We dig 'em a hole.
Put 'em six feet deep, we've never granted parole.
Every sentence here is death...
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Hinowa Village Hierarchy and Rules
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