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 Xylo Fyuri

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Sergeant (C)

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Xylo Fyuri Tumblr_nbaxlg42hy1qdx71ao1_500

Name: Xylo Fyuri.
Age: 24.
Birthdate: October 4th.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Pansexual.
Rank: Sargent. [C]

Village: Hanagakure.
Element(s): Fuuton (Wind) | Onkyouton (Sound).
Specialties: Weapons Tech | Genjutsu | Ninjutsu.
Special Characteristics:

Name: Vaguely Deaf.
Type: Ability.
Description: Due to frequent ear drum damage from unique sounds, Xylo is now vaguely deaf. He can not hear sounds further than 5 meters away such as general speaking or thrown weaponry, however this has given him the ability to read lips from 30 meters away. This is no way gives Him better eyesight, but amplifies his ability to communicate as well as ears drop (or in this case, I guess eyes drop).


Weight: 76kg.
Hair Color: Pitch Black.
Eye Color: Blood Red.
General Description: 'Bizarrely beautiful.' A strong mix of goth meets punk, where bland shades of black and white define his appearance both in body and attire. Xylo's unorthodox appearance stems from his eyes, where scarlet orbs are surrounded by a black sclera creating his most defining feature. Ink embedded across his pale skin from his fingers, up his arms, and along his chest and neck. Although these tattoos have no specific meaning, they were added to compliment his persona. Black fingernails are also an unusual nail choice, obscene mostly due to him being a male, however it fits with his gothic appearance. Above his eye brow a metal bar protrudes under his skin revealing two silver balls on either side of his right eyebrow, whilst his ears are pierced with one in each lobe, and two above. A wow factor is definitely added as his hair is uniquely bizarre, to the point at which a single side is shaved short, whilst the rest is left quite long, to the point where it parts away from his shaved side and merged into a combover leaving a 'manbun' at the back.

The most 'normal' piece of declaration to show he isn't quite the psychotic individual would be in fact the clothing he wears. Although there isn't a single set of attire Xylo wears, he tends to favour his assortment of tall singlets with a low cut neck hanging down below his heehaw. His singlet colour variation alternates between white, black, camo green and a light brown. Hanging from his waist usually consists of loose trousers, although he may sometimes alternate the colours between black, white and a beige. When leaving the village or is prone to action, he will usually where his three quarter pants which are fastened at his waist, and where the leg sleeves stop (mid calf). With footwear it's a toss up of black/brown leather boots, or black/navy leather sandals. Lastly with his attire will be his trademark black, loose over shirt which lays upon his shoulders unbuttoned, although the this over shirt is worn only with colder climates.


Overall at 76 kilograms, whilst reaching 5'10, Xylo has quite the ordinary physical stats, whilst is body is quite slender, musclular tone is shown across his entire body. His fashion sense may be a few generations too early, however he uniquely placed different factors to define him differently than the general population of Hanagakure. Being quite flat footed, his attire fits perfectly with being comfortable, allowing his personality to be present without saying a word. A non permanent feature added to his exterior would be grease and wet ink smudged across his hands, this mostly being smeared from his labour.

About You!
Personality: A persona which has been twisted and manipulated throughout his entire life, Xylo's mental state has become unbalanced, to the point of which switching from a collection of emotions can happen abruptly without warning. His most common emotion would be his bored, calm and intrigued, as this where he truly gains ideas for his weapons designs and somewhat becomes enlightened, as if he were to be making footprints in the sands of ones life journey. There is a barely a moment where Xylo isn't in his store going through weapon schematics to further improve his villages military. Devoted to his creations, it would seem like he is more interested in being alone than with others. But another side of this trait would be his devotion and adoration for the Commander General Jai. Someone who has taken him in to the village and given him purpose without the pure intention of using him.

Xylo is generally a serious person when communicating with others, whether he's cutting hair, embedding ink into skin by his tattoo gun, mixing drinks for his companions or designing equipment for the military, Xylo tends to bring a warm persona which is shielded by a serious tone. In combat or when confronted Xylo simply maintains his serious persona, but keeping this in mind he wiill resort to his hidden strength, this being his ability to analyse everything. From scuff marks on ones shoes to a slight cough, Xylo generates assumptions and deductions as he is a very judgemental person. This will always bring out the side of which he is awkward as he tends to say that little bit too much. But a fact that most would not know is he has a hearing disorder. Although he is not completely deaf, Xylo tends to not hear so well, mostly due to his copious use of sound jutsu. Although he works fine with communicating as his skill in reading lip movements is second to none.

Xylo is a copious drinker and smoker having a very addictive personality. Always seen with a glass of whiskey on ice or a straight bottle of tequila, he is literally always seen drinking, whether it be in his shop or out and about galavanting through Hanagakure.

History: Xylo was born into a cult of sorts on the outskirts of Hanagakure where forbidden seals would be passed on since his predecessors. Known as a dark group of individuals they would sometime meet another cult, one which consisted of individuals who had defected from the Hanagakure military. The cult would be annihilated, as the clan was vastly insane, even turning on each other, leaving only Xylo to survive. The cult full of ex Hanagakure militants would be known as Purge. Their leader would claim Xylo and notice he had been bestowed upon his cults curse, thus deciding to let this power flourish and use it as a tool for his own. The other purge members were against it however it still came to be, and Xylo became their prisoner and son. Xylo grew up with the knowledge that his family was slaughtered by purge. However the boy didn't care that much as he had his own sanity to grow accustom too as his eyes of seeing nothing but blood around him would begin to warp his brain. Usually members would kill themselves at the ripe age of 5. But not Xylo as one fateful day he would accept his insanity and thus become more sane?

As unusual as that sounds, he would be nurtured to create and maintain weapons for Purge, as his incredible eyesight would allow his weapon designs be perfect with each individual as he could see strength and weaknesses and weapons that would suit each other. He was the perfect weapon making machine, until he was accepted as a member of purge and be taught how to fight at age 14. Continuing his training whilst creating new weaponry for new members and upgrading already existing weapons, Xylo would become adept in the art of The scythe, this granting him to excel weapon technology even further. He was truly in his element, as spinning and slaying came easy to him. At age 19 an army had been created, and a plan to attack Hanagakure would ensue, however the plan would fail and the cult which had 120 members would now revert to 20 thus forcing a retreat. Xylo, not being trained with the unique Hanagakure fighting style, would become a war hostage, and would be tortured by the darker forces of Hanagakure. His mind would begin to warp yet again, leaning closer to losing his sanity once more, this was until a light would shine affront him, as the Commander of the Military would Let him out. To simply go free. Two years would pass and Xylo never left the village. He was shown the true side of Purge and how their ideals were wrong, and why Hanagakure was such a threat to an organisation like there's. Using his abilities to great use, he would be allowed to work for the Hanagakure government to create weapons for his country. Now three years have past and he has been helping his village create weapons not of this era. His shop is still government owned, but is now also a tattoo parlour, bar and tarot reading. A strange occupation tarot reading is, however he wouldn't have taken it up if it weren't for the peculiar chances of his cards being right the majority of the time.

Recently there has been a decrease in military performance and Xylo has joined the infantry. Although he'd rather be designing new weapons on his desk, with a glass of whiskey to his left with a cigarette sitting at his lips. So far his prowess in Weapons Technincian has led to be quite an intriguing factor as he isn't focused on being physically stronger. Knowledge is power, and so the more you know, the easier it will come for his enemies to accept their demise. Further improving his abilities, he came to be quite the asset to the military as there was such an influx in weapons technicians, that there weren't many support shinobi with the tactical mind as Xylo thus gaining the rank of Sargent.

RP Sample: Water would cry from the heavens whilst fierce winds would pull trees from their roots. Large crackles of lightning would echo across the atmosphere as blinding arrays of white light would shine abruptly before disappearing into an oblivion. This was truly one of Hanagakure's worst storms, but what was more bizarre was a lone figure making it's way through this forsaken night. Scarlet hued lenses would peer before him as he made his way to a door. His hand would grasp the silver door handle before yanking it open allowing collateral from the storm to aggressively wander leaving patrons soaked and upset. But this uninvited guest had no care in the world as he waltzed in, which his gaze panned across the bar until he fixated on a tall bottle of whiskey. Well. Can't wait to piss that out. Swiftly walking up to a small table with four large gentleman seated around a bottle of whiskey,the man would would widen his lips allowing an awkward grin to come to view. "Mine."

Faceclaim: Uta // Tokyo Ghoul.
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Xylo Fyuri
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