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 Drug Raid [Mission, C-Rank 610 WC]

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Drug Raid [Mission, C-Rank 610 WC]   Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:34 pm

Mission Taken:

Well, it was time to put all of his hard training to the test. Kinzoku had to be making waves by now. The higher ups had to be taking notice of all the actions Kinzoku had been taking around the village as of late. He knew it only a matter of time before those who were still alive because of the sacrifices made and the torture his mother suffered would come seeking him out. Kinzoku was in no rush to meet the heads of this village.

A mission scroll. There were individuals in the village selling drugs. The drugs had to have been doing serious damage as well as turning people into addicts if there was a kill order attached to the scroll. Kinzoku was being given the freedom to exterminate any and all involved in the drug business. It had been a while since taking a life, not since he gave up the gourd that he was working so hard to re-attain. It wouldn't be the same without it, but these dealers were about to learn that it was a bad idea to push poison to the citizens of Hinowa.

A street dealer, after making several sales, suddenly saw an orange clad individual run up on him at a fast speed. Before he could react he was floored by a combination of punches. They looked harmless to those watching, but Kinzoku's arms were composed of pig iron. The blows lethal, the drug dealer rolled across the ground several times and didn't rise after he settled. Crimson red began to flood the ground beneath him.

Female screams filled the air behind him. Kinzoku had previously watched where he'd come from, knowing one of the buildings in the distance behind him was being used to manufacture and cut up the drugs. Approaching the building, Kinzoku kicked open the door. The first person to approach him, armed with a butcher knife, dropped it after he swung, had it blocked, then his arm broken. The assailant begin to scream. A hard punch to the chest sent him flying backwards through a wall and through tables and chairs.

A crowd of thugs ran up next. Kinzoku managed to avoid knives, but not fists, though, after the training he'd just suffered, the blows didn't hurt much. The plain expression on his face didn't even change when he was hit. When openings presented themselves, Kinzoku returned fire, his blows instantly drawing blood, shattering the bones they slammed into. Punches and kicks easily felled those surrounding him. The last 2 attempted to run away, but were grabbed. A knee to the back of one caused him to go down, paralyzed. A kick to the neck of the other caused it to snap like a toothpick.

The rest in the house weren't a problem either. Before leaving, Kinzoku set fire to the house, torching the rest of their supply and effectively shutting down the drug trade in Hinowagakure.

WC: 610 / 250
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Drug Raid [Mission, C-Rank 610 WC]
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