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 Reparing? No. Gardening? Yes. [Mission: D Rank][520 / 100]

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PostSubject: Reparing? No. Gardening? Yes. [Mission: D Rank][520 / 100]   Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:59 pm

Mission – General Repairs:

Two missions down and who knew how many more to go. She had completed two missions the day before and she had no intentions of stopping now. Spending the day at home wasn't her style, so she had nothing else to do until her sensei called another squad meeting: though if rumors were true her teammate had ranked up and likely out of the squad already. Artemis looked down at the mission slip in her hand, pondering over the details: there was a variety of work that needed done around the administrative building. Dusting, painting, sweeping and mopping, mowing, and the shrubbery needed tending to, plus numerous other little tasks. Well, Artemis wasn't a stranger to manual labor and she didn't mind it at all, so he was all on board with getting started.

Figuring that it was maintenance she needed to speak to that's where she headed; straight to the head office of the department. She knocked softly with her knuckles as she got there and waited for an answer. ”Come in.”

Artemis opened the door and stepped inside. She held up her mission slip and smiled politely. ”I was told you needed some extra help?”, she posed the statement as a question and waited for a response.

”Oh, yeah. We've got quite a bit that needs done. Pick a few things, do them, and we'll consider it golden.”, the elderly man responded before pointing to the list on the doorway.

Artemis looked at the list, took the pencil that hung from the board from a string, and checked off mowing and cutting of the shrubbery. ”I'll sign off on it when I'm done.”

”The sheds unlocked, help yourself to the tools you need. Make sure you clean up any clippings from the shrubs. You'll find the garbage bags and everything you need in there.”

Nodding, Artemis walked out and then out of the building: she had seen the storage shed before so she knew where it was. Once there she did find it indeed unlocked and she pulled out the mower first. It was a push mower, easy to use and no start up required. She got to work, going back and forth across the lawns around the administrative building. She ensured that she didn't make gaps as she went, as well as ensuring she didn't cut it too short. When she was finished she returned the mower to the shed, attempting not to sneeze due to the smell of freshly cut grass.

She then got the clipping sheers and a bag and got to work on clipping off any branches of the bushes that stood out. Thankfully, there weren't many and she found herself finished relatively quickly. She made sure she picked up any mess, leaving everything as pristine and nice looking as it should have been. She tossed out the garbage, returned her supplies, and closed the shed behind herself before returning to the maintenance office. It was empty when she arrived, but she signed her initials next to the tasks she had chosen and then left: another mission completed.

Word Count: 520 / 100
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Reparing? No. Gardening? Yes. [Mission: D Rank][520 / 100]
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