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 Jashin, Nasin

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Name: Nasin Jashin
Age: 25
Birthdate: 2/19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Rank: Jounin(A)

Village: Yokuchigakure no Sato
Element(s):Sand (S)
Specialties: Medical Ninjutsu(S), Ninjutsu(A), Taijutsu(B)
Special Characteristics:


Weight: 210lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark purple
General Description: Slightly taller than the average male. Messy black hair and dark purple eyes. Nasin has an average body build and little body hair. Three scars strike diagonally across his face. Two piercings. One in his eyebrow the other on his lips. Wears skull mask paint when on duty.    

Failed Jashin Technique:

About You!
Personality: Nasin quiet type of person. Not shy or invert simply quiet. When he speaks people listen. And people do like to listen. Nasin has a certain air about him makes him very approachable despite his outward appearance. He is very palatable person able to get along with people one on one or the masses if the need should arise. Nasin doesn't like to take risks that put him in danger he knows he cannot escape without ease. With that said Nasin tends to be very confident in his abilities. Within his confidence he finds great comfort. It reassures him everything will be okay.

Nasin has little patience for other who do not seek out their ambitions. Having lost much of his childhood Nasin has grown up seeing more adult things than most children. It has left scarred. He see's the world in many shades of greys, but still tries to uphold a sense of justice in his life despite all the pent up anger within himself. No matter how difficult things may become Nasin holds on to the idea that in the end no matter how hard things at the moments everything will be work out. He never gives up on hope. Nasin trusts can be earned, but it takes time and much effort to accomplish.    

History: Nasin born in an alleyway was left to raise himself shortly after his birth. Thought a stillborn was left alone in unmarked grave in the bustling city. Homeless found the unattended infant after a few hours without proper nourishment or protection from harsh weather. Unable to take of themselves let alone a child delivered the newborn to a local orphanage where he was raised properly. Nasin having no qualms or questions as to why his parents left him simply moved with his life. He cared far more about the day to day life. Nasin growing up grasped concepts far ahead of his age with ease and grace, but with no care for any of it. Keeping his intelligence from others he grew up tricking others into thinking he was average.

To keep the orphanage running the orphans themselves would be asked to sell treats, candies and other edibles such as cookies or rice balls on the streets. Nasin taking opportunities head on started doubling the asking prices and using his young age as a way to market the baked goods. All the child remembers of past days is seeing normal children asking the same questions mostly what was on sale and the price. He remembers seeing money handed to them and watch them become instantly greedy the moment the obtained their small fortune. It always caught him off guard for the tiniest of moments seeing other kids wrapped up in greed as they tried poorly haggling. Nasin usually managed to not only double the prices, but give them smaller portions whenever possible. Most never noticed the few that did never said anything.

Adults were the worst in Nasin small world. They always seemed to give him looks of worry or pity. Never having felt sorry of his own situation he felt insulted by these looks, but never showed it. Looking angry would drive away customers. Nasin remembers bullies and thugs walking in the later parts of the day. Mostly when the crowds of the bustling would thin out. He remembers being beaten by them a few times. The boy can still recall wearing bandages over his face for a few months to let the knife wounds heal. Nasin still harbored no anger at those who attacked him. He in fact was more worried that people thought he had some type of leprosy and it would hurt his sales.
Another bright memory vividly scorched in Nasin's mind is seeing men and women be highly praised as they walked down the streets. There shadows cast over him. He always felt dwarfed by them. He did not like these people as they would disrupt the normal flow of the day. It would be many years before Nasin would know what Shinobi were. Each time a new one would appear his anger would grow larger those type of people.

Years went on and as Nasin grew he learned more benefits of become one of those Shinobi. Food is better, people treat you nicer, money is good, power is nice. Nasin never having much desire for wealth or kindness turned his head when other orphans spoke of power something Nasin lacked. The very word made the orphan want to move do something. Anything, but standing still. Nasin refusing to simply talk joined the academy albeit a tad later than most joined the ranks. Within little effort he threw aside his anger towards turning it into interest.

Nasin learned with time that the power he sought after wasn't brute force. He earned for something more subtle knowledge. Shinobi's apparently had a great deal of it. Nasin interest grew in the field of medicine. For some odd reason the human body interested Nasin. From it's near limitless potential to it's weakness to the elements.

After graduating the academy Nasin found less and less in comfort in the slums of the Yokuchigakure. Oddly enough the closest thing the growing boy found to a real home was a brothel where the head mistress allowed him to stay in exchange medical help. It was a deal that Nasin found agreeable. This deal brought Nasin many odd and peculiar experiences bordering on grotesque. He may have been just bordering into his adolescent, but the young boy became quite accustomed to drugs, sex and abuse. That is to say that he never partook in any of it even when offered.

After a few years of living in such a manner Nasin's disdain for his country grew. No matter how much he tried there was always something more. More greed, more corruption, more violence. He felt that his efforts weren't enough to evil quell any one of these things in the slightest. Feeling powerless Nasin asked the kage of the time to be excused from his duties to train. When given permission Nasin hastily assembled equipment to travel the world. Feeling no love for his home Nasin felt no pain when entering the vast desert, walking the great plains or traversing the tundras that lay before him. Nasin traveled far and wide in pursuit of strength and knowledge.

During his travels he encountered a great many obstacles. Those that he could conquer, move or changed filled his body and soul with pride, but as with life Nasin learned that some things will not bow to wills of mortals. Still Nasin pursued on his quest. He came to terms that some things are unchangeable by humans such as death or cruelty, but he would be damned forever if didn't at least try. Even if he would lose what made him human.

Nasin deciding to further his research by extending his lifespan beyond that of any human being experiment on himself after a great deal of research and testing. Wanting to create an indestructible everlasting body Nasin used various methods of medical ninjutsu. The techniques he used were complicated and complicated. He used everything he gathered in his years wandering the earth from ancient texts he found to the modern ages. Anything and everything.

And when the time came to use the Jashin Technique as he so called it. Nasin failed. He gained neither immortality or invincibility. Though at that moment Nasin didn't realize that he did slow down his aging process quite significantly. What he did notice was his skin turned into a charcoal black color and that strange skeleton patterns formed under his skin. Almost as if white ink seeped from his flesh. Another odd effect was the horns he grew. Oddly enough when he is calm these oddities retract leaving his body as it was before using the Jashin Techinque.

Sadden Nasin decided to head back to his country. Nasin thought that he may have overlooked something there. Something crucial that could complete his research. Or maybe he might find himself content with the strength he has gathered over the past years to better his country.  

RP Sample: The once vibrant bazaar turned into desolate quiet place at night. Many know of the dangers that come forth when the sunsets. And many do well to avoid the toxic inhabitants of the night. The few moments after sunsets is Nasin's favorite part of the day. It always feels like a dream as he watches the light disappear from his sight. It is comforting in an odd way, he isn't able to properly articulate. Nostalgia, perhaps? Nasin knows not the reason. Doesn't need to the reason, but continues pondering as he states, "Night is upon us." Clutching a badly beaten man by his blood stained collar Nasin stars at the sky watching the stars appear in the night sky. He feels the man struggling. Irritated by the man's futile efforts Nasin pulling back his arm he slams the man into an alleyway wall. His Purple hues never stop staring at the night sky. With the struggling now gone Nasin releases the man. Nasin in his absorption at night sky could not remember what he was doing beforehand. Sigh he shook his head and walked away.

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Jashin, Nasin
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