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 Catching More Rabbits [C-Rank Mission WC:305]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Catching More Rabbits [C-Rank Mission WC:305]   Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:58 pm

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Well, apparently they needed more of those rabbits from before. Breeding was going well, but they wanted some fresh stock for the gene pool to be safe. Rabbit where normally good about not having problems with inbreeding, but it was always better to be safe, and with how quickly genetic drift happened, they where loosing the traits they wanted too fast. Adding back in the wild DNA would help them get back what they wanted, and ensure they didn't end up with sickly stock.

Knowing where the wild rabbit lived made this pretty easy; he just had to take the butterfly net with him and head off; no hunting, no tracking, just make it to the right spot and then bag and tag. They where in the same area as before, just hanging out and doing nothing like before; having a grande old bunny time grazing and drinking from the small stream and being bunnies.

So cute.

So easy.

He hid in the thick brush and just bagged them by the pair; two here, three there. He needed at least a dozen, and preferably of a specific coloration; they wanted the black and pink bunnies, that seemed to be a recessive trait in the tamed stock, so getting the stronger wild stock would fix the problem. Once he had the dozen he needed of the right coloration; it took a while cause he kept getting the wild and red or the yellow and browns mixed in, he bagged them up in the burlap carry bag and was walking out of the area; no need to disturb them more than he already had. Back into the village he moved, and across the market toward the breeding center; checking in with the front desk and handing over the bag for checking and payment. Easy lunch money.



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Catching More Rabbits [C-Rank Mission WC:305]
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