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 Stopping a Thief [Mission, C-Rank 440 wc]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Stopping a Thief [Mission, C-Rank 440 wc]   Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:23 pm

Mission Taken:

It was while leaving the last mission that someone shouted about another thief. Was this one and the last one working together but separately? A old woman shouted that someone stop the thief who'd broken into her place and nabbed a bunch of goods.

"Catch him!" she yelled at Kinzoku, pointing to the back of a person trying to run away from the scene. "He robbed me! Came into my home and took my things! Catch him!!"

Kinzoku took off running. The burglar did everything to try and put as much distance between he and Kinzoku, but he was able to stay on him. The chase went between houses, down alleys, and even up on the rooftops. The burglar was fast, yet Kinzoku was fast too. He was able to keep eyes on the burglar during the whole chase.

Kinzoku chased the burglar to a dead end on a rooftop. He attempted to run up the wall to grab the edge and pull himself over, but he didn't have enough momentum. He frantically looked around for other avenues of escape as Kinzoku arrived and cornered him, but there were none. The only way out now it seemed, was through Kinzoku. So, he tossed his bag of loot aside and began to display moderate knowledge in the arts of Taijutsu, executing punches, kicks and battle cries.

Kinzoku had him figured for someone that used to be in the academy who probably dropped out or was kicked out. He looked unamused at the guy as he punched and kicked the air. Kinzoku could tell he was untrained just by looking at him. Should any of those pathetic blows land, they wouldn't do much damage. The thief looked confident, until Kinzoku began walking toward him. With a look now that said he was anxious, or scared, he jumped and attempted a roundhouse kick towards Kinzoku's face. It was avoided and countered with a punch that knocked him out of the air. Landing in a heap and coughing some, he got back up, paranoid now, and swung wildly at Kinzoku, who easily avoided the blows. A kick to the mid-section and a right cross sent him back to the ground.

The old lady eventually saw Kinzoku approaching with the bag in one hand, and dragging the burglar with the other. He handed over the goods and released the leg of the unconscious burglar. "Thank you young man," she said with a smile, looking over her goods. "I'll make sure this moron here gets the proper punishment. Thank you very much!" She patted Kinzoku's arms. He only nodded to her before turning to leave again...

WC: 440
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Stopping a Thief [Mission, C-Rank 440 wc]
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