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 A Letter to Hana [Jayr -> Jai][Closed]

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PostSubject: A Letter to Hana [Jayr -> Jai][Closed]   Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:46 pm

Jayr looked around the temporary apartment that Temaki had set her up in: it was exceptionally nice, and Jayr had no complaints. She kept it a bit cooler then the average person might have liked, but that was just Jayr's style: she liked to sleep in a cold room with the blankets pulled up and over her. It was comfortable that way.

But, she wasn't sleeping right no. No, she was sitting at a small antique desk working on a letter she was sending her father. She looked down at what she had already and scribbled some more: she was giving it as little detail as possible – she was smart enough to know that someone could intercept it and read what was written inside. When she was finished with the last few lines she read what she had:


Vacation is going well. I've been having lots of fun – and don't worry, I've been taking care of myself. I was placed in one of the villages really nice temporary apartments. I gotta say, the rumors about the unconventional Kage are nothing like the real person, but that's not a bad thing. She's really good people, her student as well.

They've been having the same problems that we were back home; though none of that has happened while I've been here.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I made it and that things are going good. We're probably going to have visitors soon, likely they'll come back with me. But, I'm sure she is going to send you a letter herself to let you know.


That was as good as it was going to get considering she was trying to get her point across while not giving all that much detail away. Satisfied she folded the letter up, put it into an envelop, and sealed it shut. A quick trip later and it was on its way to Hanagakure with a courier.

I've got a wanted poster here and it looks like you.
You've got a bounty on your head and I'm bringing my crew.
And they've got orders to shoot anything that moves.
I've got a license to kill and it's stamped approved.
You better run little man 'cause we're on the move...

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A Letter to Hana [Jayr -> Jai][Closed]
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