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PostSubject: Wait...how..?[Private]   Wait...how..?[Private] I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2015 11:14 pm

The day was a bright one in Yokuchigakure. Rays of light illuminated the village, showing that it would be a bustling and busy day. However, a unexpected thing happened that day. Something strange. Running down the streets was Zaiaku, still wearing his vinyl pants, and sandels from yesterday. His giant form, faster than it looks, was running down the streets of Yokuchigakure, searching for Espi. Well..it wasn't just him searching. Kodo and Tiger were helping him, with Kodo searching the northern part of the village while Tiger took the eastern part. Zaigou was asking around his school (western part), leaving Zaiaku with southern part of Yokuchigakure, which just so happened to be the commercial area of it. Restarunts, shops, and booths were very prominent here, and by prominent, I mean they were fucking everywhere. Restarunts ranging from sushi, to hamburgers, to tea. Needless to say, Zaiaku was checking most of the restarunts that he and Espi been to to see if the employees or owner had seen here. However, so far, he has had no luck in gaining any info on finding her, which was making him or distraught. With a sigh, he eventually went to a old favorite of Espi's to check. It was called "Suigyomura Tea House Deluxe", and despite its name, there was nothing deluxe about it. In-fact, it was the opposite of the word "deluxe", but she stilled like it anyway and it became her favorite.

Walking, Zaiaku was greeted by the owner (as the only real workers there was the owner and his son). "Heya Zai-o, how ya been?" The man asked happily. Zaiaku looked at him. He seemed to be in his 60s, and was very bald. In-fact, the only hair on his head were his bushy eyebrows and long, white beard. He was usually smiling and wore a simple green kimono. "Not too good. Espi missin' and I'm lookin' for her." He said to the man, noting his confused appearance. "Missing? But I got a letter from the lass right here. I got it a few hours ago." The old man said as he pulled a envelope from his kimono, his hand shaking due to old age. Zaiaku's eyes widened tremendously and almost snatched the letter from the man's hand. "Eh....." The old man began. "I hope you find her...?" He said, more so questioning than stating, but Zaiaku simply nodded and left with the letter in his hands. Once out, he quickly jumped onto the nearest rooftop, as to not be disturbed reading, and tore open the envelope, only to find another one inside. Raising a eyebrow, he proceeded to tear open THAT one, and began to read the letter in it in his mind.

It's hard to explain this situation I'm in but I wanted to let you know that I'm alright. As I'm sure you've guessed by now I'm no longer in Yokuchi. I was taken from the village by a female named Vivian; she hasn't hurt me and has promised she won't. She's taking care of me; it's strange to hear about such a thing happening, but she is. She is giving me all the freedom I want, I just cannot leave her, that's the rule. She's even allowed me to send this letter to you.
Even if she would allow me to return to Yokuchi I find myself unable to: you know of all the dark and horrible things that have happened to me there and I just can't bring myself back to face it.
I apologize if this puts you in a bad situation: I know the rules against leaving a village, and the consequences that I might face even though I was technically removed against my will in the first place.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm safe, and that I'm happy. I know this is strange but this other female... she intrigues me. I feel the need to protect her from herself, and I seem to be changing her for the better.
Of all the strange places for me to live though; Fubuki is one I never would have guessed on.
I hope that one day we can see each other again; and I hope that the circumstances that bring us together aren't due to my defection of the village.

Zaiaku, upon finish reading, was dumbfounded to say the least. She was kidnapped but...is...being cared for? "What....the FUCK!" Zaiaku roared as he shredded the paper in his hands in anger and confusion. Unsure of how to approach this. Hell, he didn't even know if that was actually Espi. A good hour passed, with Zaiaku simply standing there. Thinking. Grinding his teeth. Though he was only 22, he had experience. He already lost everything once, and knew that he couldn't take chances. However...he began to care less about that and began to care more of if Espi was safe. He didn't know what he'd do if he found out Espi was dead....or worse. Looking to the sky, the demon made his decision: He is going to Fubukigakure to find Espi.

Word Count:883 words
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