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 Kawa, Senri

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Soldier (D)

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PostSubject: Kawa, Senri   Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:23 am


Name: Odoriko [ 踊り子]  Kawa [川], Senri [千里]
Age: 17
Birthdate: January 7th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Rank: Soldier

Village: Hanagakure no Sato
Element(s): Steel
Specialties: Weapon Technician

Special Characteristics:

  • Name:  Pointed Canines
    Type:  Personal | Cosmetic
    Description: Because of a familial genetic trait, this individual’s top and bottom canine teeth are slightly longer than normal, and are sharpened into severe points.

  • Name: Contortionist
    Type: Personal | Physical
    Description: This individual went through severe flexibility training that started  at a young age, with the help of a mentor. Because of this, this individual has the ability to twist and bend their body into strange and unnatural positions.

  • Name: Amnesiac
    Type: Personal | Mental
    Description: This individual has a partial or total loss of their memory. This could be caused by a head injury, illness, or a psychological reason. 



Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: Auburn brown
Eye Color: Green

General Description: At seventeen, Senri is a young man with a well toned and lithe body from years of training, whether he remembers this training or not. His flexibility is important to him, he keeps himself as physically fit as he can. However, though this is true, his body holds a lot of mysteries for him. His right arm is riddled with horrific scaring that he hasn't the slightest memory of a cause because it happened before the accident that took his memory from him, but usually unless he is alone, he keeps this massive amount of scarring hidden so not many have seen it. He has another ragged scar that stems from his left temple and moves up into his hairline and slightly right half way across his forehead. This scar is also usually hidden by his shaggy bangs that he shapes meticulously to frame his sharp green eyes.

Senri dresses in a way that's similar to what he was wearing when he was found and brought to Hanagakure, so it's not exactly a common way to dress in the city, as his way of dressing is almost certainly designed for a colder climate. However, the style is the one thing he really has of his past aside from his wolfdog, so he refuses to change it even though it's relatively expensive for him to continue dressing this way. His typical outfit consists of socks, flip-flops, and black and red fur lined shin covers, a black black under-robe kimono, blue kimono with blue-gray smoke pattern and some black and red motifs, red straps with fur that around his neck that hold his quiver in place, a black sleeve tied to blue kimono on the right side, and a dark blue lower half sleeve on his left arm with a similar pattern to what's on his kimono that's lined with fur. He's also become quite fond of a clear turquoise stone that he's used on various trinkets such as earrings, necklaces and other such items he wears.

About You!

Personality: Having lost his memory, and only having the past three years to form himself up again, Senri himself is still trying to figure out who exactly he is. His personality is a bit hard to explain because of this, and his personality has changed during the three years in Hanagakure quite a bit and is only just beginning to settle. There are two elements that have always been with him, the first being his independence and adaptability that formed not long after his confusion faded away within the first few weeks of waking. Being thrown into a world that he didn’t really know, Senri was lucky to have these traits, and because he did, he didn’t have a hard time thrusting himself into the unknown when he was released from the hospital.

However, though he may have lost his memory it did not make him naïve and obedient to others. He may have chosen to find his niche and stay within Hanagakure No Sato, but he is questioning and suspicious. And, he’s not very quiet about it. He hasn't let anyone tell him what to do, while some have tried. If there is something that he doesn’t understand or doesn’t like, he will say so if he is comfortable with doing so, and this this includes and orders he may have issues with. Because of this, he also has a hard time relating to Hanagakure natives, and it takes some time for him to adjust after meeting a new person, and to consider them a friend, but usually once he does he is a amicable person who will defend his friends if needed. And, though he may consider some people from Hanagakure friends now, after being there for three years, he only truly relaxes when he's by himself, or alone with his wolfdog, Ōkami.

When Senri first left the hospital and stepped out into the world of Hanagakure, he was a lot more open than he is now, and he's become a lot more reserved and quiet, especially once he started training in the military. He has a tendency to sit back and observe when among people, rather than chatting. He doesn't really think he has much to chat about anyway. However, though he's quiet, Senri does his best to remain honest to the others that he meets. Still, he finds that honesty is something that is important, because if honesty wasn't used on him, then the entire life that he had formed for himself would be a lie, and that would simply be unacceptable to him. Of course, there are things that he prefers to not tell anyone.

Senri has been heavily influenced by the military since joining it. And while he chose to join the military without someone influencing him to do so, having only joined it nine months after waking up with no memory in the hospital, did influence and shape him into the individual that he is now. He is very driven, having a need to prove himself, not only personally because of how self-critical he is, but to his superior officers as well; though, the need to prove himself doesn't keep himself from asking questions of orders.

History: A soft drizzle of rain met the muddy ground as the sun began to rise over the horizon, greeting the day that a new addition would join the ranks of the nearly five hundred individuals that made up the traveling circus. But just because it was raining, did not mean that it was a dreary day. In fact, even the rain seemed crisp and pure. A birth into such a life was rare, as many joined in their teens or later in life like the babe’s on parents, so such an occasion was one that was celebrated by the entire group, the babe brought in to a raucous group of people.

The father and mother of this babe had been shaped by their love for being entertainers, and their loyalty to their free roaming life and their love was what many could only dream of. The Odoriko family was glad to welcome their first child, when there were only three other such children in the ranks of the circus itself so far.  Soft coos were the first thing that greeted the young thing’s cry, and a soft murmur of his name from his mother’s lips.  

Senri’s world was warm and content with his people. His individual family might have been small with just the trio of himself and his parents, but the others in the circus might as well have been his family as well. They traveled together, ate together, trained together, and stuck together no matter what. They were a diverse group of people, but their love of entertainment kept them together and there was hardly any infighting. When his parents were training, the others would take turns watching him, teaching him as he grew.

When he was old enough, only about five, he began his training for the shows. He’d been around everyone long enough at that point to know what he wanted to do, and what he could do, and what  that he’d eagerly been willing to train for was contortion and archery. Starting young for the circus born children was important for them, because it usually gave them more of a mastery than their parents had by the time they reached their mid-teens. Still, the training was not harsh, and each of the children in the circus enjoyed what they were doing.

There were accidents every now and then of course, and children will be children.  At one point during Senri’s life, when the children had been tasked with feeding the animals of the circus, Senri’s arm was mauled by a tiger because he was foolish to let himself near the tiger’s cage when they were only supposed to be feeding smaller animals. He was lucky to keep his arm, though he was left with horrific scaring, a serious scolding, and a new awe of the animals.

At nine, Senri participated in his first show. No longer an apprentice, he was an entertainer like his parents now, but that didn’t mean that his training stopped. It continued, and he even helped other children to train as well. After all, he might be allowed to preform, but he certainly wasn’t an adult yet. Still, he relished his freedom as he grew and he certainly became more and more independent from the others in the group. He found himself depending on them less and less, though he still cherished each one of them.

Now thirteen, Senri was a well-established entertainer in the circus, so much so that his face was on some of the posters with the other contortionists. He was proud of this and eager to please the others, but this was also when his Raiton abilities began to display themselves and he began to train them as well with the help of his mother who had been a shinobi from Fubukigakure No Sato. She had left when she was still fairly young, but with her son’s abilities, she decided that it was time to show him that side of the culture that he had come from.

Senri’s mother convinced the circus to travel to their hometown, and they visited Fubukigakure to put on shows. Senri was in awe of the area, immediately taken with it. He loved the snow and ice surroundings, and he took to wearing warmer styled clothes that were lined with fur. He even made a few friends during their stay within the city, eagerly training some of his abilities with them, coming up to par with a shinobi village’s typical genin. As a parting gift of his friend’s even gave him a wolfdog pup that he named Ōkami [狼].

It was nearly a year later while traveling to another village for another round of snowing that inclement weather decimated the circus. Rock falls and a flash flood tore through their convoy, tearing everyone apart, and when the water stopped, not much was left but ruin. In Senri’s case, he’d only had time to reach for a couple things before the water swept him away. He’d grabbed for his father’s hand and the scruff of Ōkami’s neck. During the struggle survival in the water, the rapid dragged Senri where he hit his head on some of the rough rocks.  

Unconscious now, Senri was pulled back up by his father and put on some floating timber with Ōkami. Senri’s father managed to save his son and place the flute that he had played in the shows in his son’s hand before being taken by the rushing waters himself, following after his wife. When the water settled, Ōkami dragged her master from the water and ashore where a soldier from Hanagakure found them and took them to the hospital.

Waking up in the Hanagakure hospital was a disorienting event, having no knowledge of anything that had happened at all, and no memory of his past. He wasn’t able to answer any of the nurse’s questions except for his name, age, and his dog’s name, or at least what he assumed they were.  And, that was horrifying for the fourteen year old boy. The nurses soothed him and informed him that with such a head injury, memory loss wasn’t too uncommon, and that it would be alright. Maybe someone would come for him. So, Senri and Ōkami as an inseparable duo, because the wolf dog just would not let herself be separated from her boy, began their daily life within Hanagakure.  

Except… no one came for him, and three months later, there was really no reason for them to keep the boy at the hospital. So, he was placed with a guardian, papers for him created, and a new last name given to him. Kawa [川], because he’d been found at the edge of a river, and he’d been known endearingly as River Child by those who had cared for him before he’d woken up. Given independence, Senri refused to live with his new guardian, preferring to find himself a small one room flat that he could support himself in by doing odds-and-ends jobs.

Nine months after he had left the hospital making it a full year that he’d been living in Hanagakure, Senri found himself drawn to the military. It seemed almost familiar in some ways. Like the shinobi world that his mother had introduced him to, not that he remembered that. So, drawn to it, he decided to join it. And in doing so, setting his fingers on a bow again, and training, he found that it was quite familiar. His body knew how to do these things. These feats that not many could do. So in the military he remained.

RP Sample: What had started as a soft smattering of droplets upon the windows of Hanagakure was what seemed to be now a torrential downpour, pounding on the roof of the little one bedroom flat that Senri shared with Ōkami. The wolfdog was currently curled up on their bed, under their blankets, giving soft growls at the peals of thunder that shook their home.  It was probably one of the worst things about living in such a lush place. The storms. They left a lot to be desired. Ōkami hated them, her mood always deteriorating when storms became bad. Senri himself didn’t really like the foreboding feeling he got when they happened, but like a lot of things, he couldn’t place why he disliked the storms. He was perfectly fine with the light showers that they got, delighting in the sprinkled water... but storms they were different.  A soft huff escaped Senri as he pushed up from where he’d been sitting against the window, knocking at the cool smooth surface with his knuckles before moving to lay on the bed with Ōkami.

“Hey. It’s okay, Ami.” He muttered gently, sneaking a hand under the blanket and stroking her soft white fur before turning his head to look at the clock. He'd really been hoping that the storm would wind down by the time that he had to leave, but here it was. Time was never forgiving was it? He pursed his lips and reached for his bag. He knew that he wasn't going to get Ōkami to come with him to training in the rain. She only stayed out in storms like this when she absolutely had to, and he wasn't going to force her out into this one. He however, needed to go out. He knew his superior officers weren't going to be too pleased if he just didn't show up. And really, if he skipped just because of a silly storm... he wasn't going to be too happy either. He stood and shouldered his bag, squaring his shoulders and reaching for his umbrella that he knew probably wasn't going to do much for him outside. Still, it was worth a go. “I'll be home in a couple hours... be good?” He asked, glancing at the lump on the bed that was his dog, and he received a soft bark in confirmation. She'd guard their home while he trained.


  • Reiga from "Meiji Kyuuketsu Kitan"

  • Bowman Concept Art from "Atlantica Online"
    [Found HERE to be used at a later date as Senri's FC.]

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Kawa, Senri
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