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 Oowamid Weyr

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PostSubject: Oowamid Weyr   Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:52 pm

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Oowamid Weyr is a strongly non-canon Pern site. Featuring three playable races - humans, genetic mixtures known as Aethians and the nocturnal Nathi - and a unique magic system. There is no word count, and a heavy focus on providing a truly inclusive roleplaying environment.

Our Touching will begin on June 15th, and the Hatching on July 6th!

Even weeks later, Oowamid Weyr is struggling to recover from the disaster of the Nox Æterna hatching.

Healers have joined the Weyr to help heal the trauma of the candidates, who continue their classes, and the weyrlings are cautiously stretching their wings. The young queen that caused so much disaster is rarely seen, though her presence lingers in the back of many minds.

Junior Queen Kotakunoth has risen, and clutched six eggs with a new king; a large clutch, but disappointingly, none of the shells have the telltale sheen of a queen egg. Still, the Weyr searches desperately for candidates; the Lady Sombray has maintained the ban on Search within her hold, and with all other Weyrs afraid to send candidates after the disaster of the last hatching, the available candidates just aren't enough. That hatchlings might go between is a pervasive fear, if rarely spoken.

Summer has arrived, bringing with it high heat, heavy humidity, and storms large enough to swallow whole territories and drive dragonriders into the shelter of the Weyr rather than out to fight threadfall. The persistently oppressive weather has done nothing to help the persistent feeling of tension within the Weyr.

The Lady of Sombray, encouraged by her own mauling while attending Oowamid's hatching, has begun more publicly speaking out against the dangers of leaving the Weyr to its own supervision. Her guard continues to make slow "training" incursions into the western desert.

And what of the strange relics that keep washing up on the shores of the United Holds?

As for what's stirring in the mountains of the Witherpeak wilds--well, only a few of the holdless have heard of that yet.

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Oowamid Weyr
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