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 Never Wanted to be a Mail-woman [D Rank Mission]

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Never Wanted to be a Mail-woman [D Rank Mission] Empty
PostSubject: Never Wanted to be a Mail-woman [D Rank Mission]   Never Wanted to be a Mail-woman [D Rank Mission] I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 13, 2015 6:41 pm

Mission Taken - Mailman:

She looked down at the three letters in her hand: one for Lee, one for Yen, and one for Kei. There were addresses on the envelopes, ones she knew rather well because they were close to her neighborhood. She turned and walked away from the desk, off to play mailman and deliver the letters. She knew the drill of course: she couldn't open them or attempt to read anything that they said or else she wouldn't be paid. That was simple enough of course, because she didn't care what they did or didn't say.

Espi exited the administrative building and slipped the three envelopes into the front pocket of her shirt where they would be safe and sound. She glanced around as she walked until she reached the proper street; pausing to read the street sign. Nodding to herself she headed down the street and up until she reached a mailbox with 333 on it. She pulled out Lee's letter and popped it into the mailbox just as Lee left the house. She gave a wave to him and then continued on her way.

She moved down a block, took a left, and double checked the street sign once more before continuing onward. She found the house with 369 on it and walked up to the house door. She bent down and slid Yen's letter through the mail slot on his door. She then turned, walked back down the sidewalk, and continued on her way.

A right and a street sign later and she was on the proper block once more to deliver the third letter. As she walked up to Kei's house she came out and Espi put a smile on her face. She handed over the letter, was thanked, and walked away, following the same path she took as she headed to turn in on a mission well done.

Word Count: 313 / 100
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Never Wanted to be a Mail-woman [D Rank Mission]
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