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 They Send a Child to Fix Things! [D Rank Mission]

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They Send a Child to Fix Things! [D Rank Mission] Empty
PostSubject: They Send a Child to Fix Things! [D Rank Mission]   They Send a Child to Fix Things! [D Rank Mission] I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 13, 2015 6:03 pm

Mission Taken - General Repairs:

Espi looked down at the mission slip in her hands and couldn't help but roll her eyes: if she didn't need the money she wouldn't even be bothering to waste her time. The administrative building needed some general repairs, including a new coat of paint. It was easy work, even a bit dull really, but she was still very angry over what had happened, and that made her less likely to want to help.

Still, she would do what she had to since she no longer had parents to rely upon.

With a sigh Espi turned and headed down the hall and to the main area of the administrative building. Another sigh and she was at the receptionists desk. ”I need to know where you keep the paint.” The receptionist looked up and stared at her like she was stupid, which did little to help Espi and her current mind frame. She waved around the information slip in her hand in an annoyed fashion. ”I'm here to paint the spots that need fixed on the walls.”

The receptionist blushed, embarrassed, before she pointed to a door that read storage. Espi walked over to it without another word and opened the door. She removed the paint she would need and the supplies like tarps and brushes and rollers, and then headed outside. She laid down the tarp after finding the spot on the outer wall that needed fixed. She put the roller brush together, including the extendable arm, and then turned her attention to the paint. She popped the lid off of the tan colored substance and gave it a good mix with one of the wooden stirrers. She then poured it into the rolling pan, enough to get the spot, and got to work.

She dipped the rolling brush in, rolled off the excess, and then lifted the brush to the side of the building and rolled on a good, very even, layer of paint. She repeated this rolling and dipping process until the entire area was tan like the rest of the building. When she was done she took a step back so she could see the spot from the distance and double checked her work: it was perfect.

With her task done she disposed of the used roller, put the lid back on the paint, and returned her supplies to the storage room where she got them before going to turn in on her mission completed...

Word Count: 410 / 100
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They Send a Child to Fix Things! [D Rank Mission]
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