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 Catching the Thief while Grocery Shopping [C Rank Mission]

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Catching the Thief while Grocery Shopping [C Rank Mission] Empty
PostSubject: Catching the Thief while Grocery Shopping [C Rank Mission]   Catching the Thief while Grocery Shopping [C Rank Mission] I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 13, 2015 5:41 pm

Mission Taken – Catch the Thief:

Espi needed food for her house: that's right, it was just her house now. Ugh, it was still too much for Espi to think about. She was completely out of food, or rather she was out of food she knew how to cook. So, she had headed to the market rather early: she was hoping to avoid the big rushes of the crowds that normally filled the markets come noon time in the village.

Just as she was reaching the food district of the market she heard cries for help and looked up: a thief was fleeing and a merchant was screaming for someone to catch him, to stop him. The first thought that crossed Espi's mind was to let them go, to allow someone else handle it, but she had to remind herself that the merchant was likely innocent, and it wasn't his fault that her parents had been killed so there was no point in her taking it out on him.

Sighing she slipped her game boy into her front pocket of her shirt as she took off running. The thief was fast but Espi was faster, thankfully. She darted around the few people who had stopped and stared and gained on the thief before he could get more than a block away from the stall he had stolen from. She dived and tackled him to the ground, sitting on him and pulling his arms behind his back as he attempted to escape. Even with Espi being smaller then him she was still physically stronger then him and easily kept him laying there with his face in the dirt.

”Stop struggling or you'll only make it worse on yourself. What's your name?”, Espi asked as she dragged the kid to his feet. He kept silent, refusing at all to speak. Espi just shrugged and looked over to see several high ranked shinobi making their way over to her and her captive. Espi reached into his pockets and pulled out the stolen goodies: candy of all things. Shaking her head with disgust she handed him over to the group. ”He was caught stealing. I'm going to return the goods he stole. He won't give me his name.”

They nodded to her and she turned around, walking back to the merchants stall to return the candy that had been stolen. She nodded when she was thanked and continued on her way to do her grocery shopping...

Word Count: 408 / 250
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Catching the Thief while Grocery Shopping [C Rank Mission]
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