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 Wolf Hunt [B- Rank. 816/500]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Wolf Hunt [B- Rank. 816/500]   Fri Jun 12, 2015 2:32 pm

Mission code:

Well, this would be fun. Sadly, it was an almost seasonal problem lately with wildlife going nuts and attacking the outlying farms and villages. With populations of humans increasing, they were pushing the other alpha level predators further and further out of their prime hunting areas, causing false hunting deficiencies that lead to desperation attacks on ranchers and domestic herds. Recent reports had large carnivores attacking humans outright, attempting to run them out of their farms and homes. Worse, reports of hunting humans versus livestock. Sad times, that this was the state of the world now.

Fresh reports from the edge of the village had another lone wolf attacking people; farmers and the like. This poor wolf wad to close to the main village to just get bagged, tagged, and relocated, sadly. It'd find it's way back quick as all hell and go right back to killing pets and scaring people. More to the point, there was a report that this one had killed a few ranch hands days prior, so it really had to be taken care of now.
It wasn't even hard to find the beast; it was either rabid and therefore mad, deliberately leaving an easily followed trail as a trap, or injured enough to not have a choice. He was going with the former after reading all the reports, something about the behavior wss to erratic, and it had all the classical signs of rabies for anyone that knew what to look for. It was because of this that he left Coen home today, he wasn't going to risk his life that way. Coen had no natural resistances to rabies, and the vaccine series had a diminished effectiveness in marsupials. Even having been vaccinated already, Karu wasn't risking it. He would be fine, they had the shots ready for him if he was bitten, and he'd opted to take the painful first dose to be extra safe. No worrying about him, at least.

He reached the clusterfuck of crisscrossing trails easily, and spent a solid 5 minutes reading them, picking out the aimless wandering and panicked backtracking from the actual tail he needed. One he had it he was of, high in the trees and moving fast. The closer he got to the end of that trail, the more boss he heard, and the less happy he got. The wolf was attacking something, and he really hoped it wasn't human.

Of course it was. Couple of farm kids by the look of the thrown tools and dirty clothing.


Time to stop this.

From the tree he crouched in, he tossed a smoke bomb; waiting for it to go off and set the confusion in motion. This gave the kids a second to move, and him a moment to get a jutsu off safely. Something simple, but effective; The tiny fireball signaling a wall of flame was about to appear. Wall of Woe, a wonderful little jutsu. The flames would trap the wolf and give him time to work. Rabid or not, pyrophobia was natural in wild animals, and he'd use that to his advantage.

"Kids, run! It can't chase you now. "

Said kids scrambled clear, climbing up a hay bail and on to the roof of the shed they'd been tapped against. It was better than nothing. The wolf was howling and thrashing and circling in the tight shave, and that was fine by him. On his back was strapped a kunai blade, he needed something a bit stronger than a normal kunai and didn't want to risk close quarters attacking. He didn't have the ranged ability to stop this would without it turning into a dangerous fight, so he wasn't gong to bother. No, he'd just end This with a blade. Leaping from the tree, he brought the blade down on the wolf and split it's spine clean in half, then it's heart, and then the blade wad stuck in the ground and pinning the wolf's body to the earth. It was dead from shock, blood pooling beneath it and sizzling where it came in contact with the flames.

He cancelled the jutsu, letting the flames vanish and allowing him room to work. Rope was taken from his hip pouch and quick work was made of bundling the body up for transport. "Kids, did it bite or cut you? "

"My sister, sir. .."

Wonderful. Time to carry some kids to town. "How far to your house? I need to bring you in to get treated, this wolf is rabid. "

Instant panicked reactions.

"Hey! Chill. I just need to let your parents know I'm taking you into town to get treated. You'll be fine. We have medicine to stop the infection before it starts. "

"This way, sir. .."

Oh kids. Thank god they listened.

WC: 816/500

jutsu, items, and chakra:


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Wolf Hunt [B- Rank. 816/500]
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