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 Off Duty Until Further Notice

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PostSubject: Off Duty Until Further Notice   Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:59 pm

So, I know that I posted about 2+ weeks ago that there were some family issues going on: case in point my dad was sick and spent two weeks in the hospital. Apparently he's not doing the greatest so he's back in the emergency room tonight and likely will be admitted again.

I cannot promise how much I'll be around in the next few days, weeks? Hell if I know. If I'm here, I'm here, if not? I'm not. Simple as that, I suppose.

I will pretty much be off duty until I decide otherwise. I'll attend staff meetings and stuff, and maybe pick at one or two things if I'm in the mood but otherwise do not ask.

Thanks for understanding,

-Temaki / Jayr / Sui

I got a bullet with your name if you're crossing the river.
Got a casket just your size and I came to deliver.
I got your funeral planned out and I just called up your minister.
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Off Duty Until Further Notice
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