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PostSubject: Vi | Sixx   Wed May 13, 2015 10:26 pm

Name: Vi 'Sixx' Kazabana
Birthdate:Feb 28
Gender:  Hermaphrodite
Sexuality: Pansexual
Rank: Tokujo

Village: Fubiki
Element(s): Suiton
Specialties: Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Type:Personal - Unique
Description:In biology, a hermaphrodite is an organism that has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes. Historically, the term hermaphrodite has also been used to describe ambiguous genitalia and gonadal mosaicism in individuals of gonochoristic species, especially human beings. The word intersex has come into preferred usage for humans, since the word hermaphrodite is considered to be misleading and stigmatizing, as well as "scientifically specious and clinically problematic".

Name:Varied Chakra Color
Type: Unique
Description: Having no effect on the player's combat and damage ability, the manifested color of the player's chakra is different then normal. Non-elemental chakra will manifest as something other then the normal blue, while elemental chakras will be colored different then what is considered normal (Katon may be green instead of red/orange, Suiton could be yellow, etc.) User is free to decide what the color change is, however once stated the change cannot be undone, nor is the user able to change it again at a later time. [All techniques, whether elemental or not, appear as the color blue]

Name: Cold Fire [Enhanced Varied Chakra]
Type: Supplementary / Non-Combat Enhancement
Description: Enhanced Varied Chakra takes chakra to a whole new level: it allows the user's chakra to resemble something else entirely, not just changing the color but what it looks like. In Vi's case, this special characteristic was a gift from Shivran, who claimed that 'despite the warmth within your heart, your blood still runs ice cold'. His chakra now resembles flames, no matter the element of the technique, and leaves snow instead of ashes when burning something.

Weight:125 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
General Description: A dark skinned creature, who's beauty is matched by his savagery, Vi is a brutal specimen. Vi is often found wearing strange clothing. Her hair is usually brushed and pulled back, tied at the nape of his neck with a white ribbon. Typically, Vi wears her Hitai-ate around her neck or around his upper right arm. Vi prefers to keep her upper body bare of clothing save for a strip of plain cloth, wrapped over over his breasts for decency.
On her lower body, Vi likes to show off somewhat. Over a set of shapely hips, he favors long, loose skirts, the kind that flares wide open when the wearer twirls. The dresses she wears seem to hold patterns that induce a sort of hypnosis if stared at long enough.
Around his ankles, Vi wears a pair of silver bangles, meant to catch light and direct attention down to her lower body as the dress flares. Below this, he typically keeps her feet bare.

About You!
Personality: A voracious hunger, manifested into human form. Whether this be for knowledge, power, battle, or the blood of her enemies, one can never be too sure when it comes to Vi. He hungers for knowledge, seeking to fill her mind to the brim with whatever he can. When one is a ninja, information is a precious commodity that one could never have enough of. With the proper knowledge, one can never be unprepared for a situation.

When it comes to power, Vi simply wishes for as much as she needs to keep himself protected. In her mind, people will come and go, regardless of what they say. Loyalties can shift as often as the wind changes direction. To her, the only people he can count on is her family, and himself. Everyone else is a piece in this game of life, simply playing a role. For her to amass power to protect herself and those whom he deems worthy of his protection... she would be happy.

The perfect way for her to amass power, and to prove to those he wishes to protect that she is capable, Vi believes that he must fight. It is in her nature, her duty as a shinobi. But this isnt to say that Vi will fight as per orders; no, he will only fight if it serves her cause...

History:  Early life

Vi was born to a clan of warriors, everyone in his family had been an awesome warrior from his father to his grandfather to his great-grandfather; one could say greatness was in his blood. He was taught that actions speak louder than words; he would take this teaching to heart, and adopt it into his persona. His child-hood was spent training to be the best that he could be, to be the greatest that warrior that the clan had ever produced, but there was a small problem; Vi was born a hermaphrodite. While his mother and father kept it a close guarded secret while the child was younger, it was quickly spread amongst the clan when Vi visited a cousin. For the sake of the clan's honor, it was decided to raise Vi as a male.


By the time he entered the academy he was already pretty much ready to be a ninja. However, he needed to learn the basics of actual ninja tactics and skills. He went through the academy in almost total silence, and although his mouth was closed his mind was open wide. He learned everything the academy had to offer, and graduated at the top of his class at age 8.

Takeo, Shinji

He was put in a typical thee man one teacher squad, the team composed of the top student (Vi) the worst student, and intermediate student. If left to his own devises he would have stayed silent, if not for one of his team members Shinji Takeo (The bottom of class). Shinji was flamboyant and lazy, the complete opposite of Vi. The other young man aggravated Vi to the point that he would lose his cool and even yell. As time went on, it was revealed that Shinji wasn’t an idiot; he was just drastically unambitious. However, to prove that he was just as good as the genius that was Vi, he would step up to the plate more than anyone could have ever imagined. To keep up with Shinji, Vi would work just as hard; this caused the team to become well renowned among the other genin.

Unbeknownst to Shinji and Vi, they were becoming much stronger than they ever would have without each other to “hate”. As time went on, Shinji became damn near the only person that Vi would say more than a single word to, a testament to the growing bond between them. The two were able to complete difficult mission by just relying on each other. In reality they were a team within a team; the teacher and their other partner were quickly becoming third wheels. The two of them acknowledged that they were a team and maybe even friends but they had no idea how much they actually needed each other.

Chuunin Exams

The team applied for the chuunin exams and trained together. Vi and Shinji often trained together, often leaving their teammate and teacher to train with each other. Their training sessions were mostly just excuses to beat each other to a pulp until one of them emerged victorious, and dragged the other to the hospital. By the time they went to the chuunin exams they not only were covered in new scars, they were ready to take down any competition they could possibly have. Their team breezed through the essay portion; ironically due to their third partner’s skill level, and beat the scroll portion in record time for the Fubiki village.

In the tournament portion of the exam the two of them advanced while their third partner was defeated. The two of them fought through the competition so that they could fight it out and prove who the best was once and for all. They made it to the finals where they put everything on the line and left every in the arena stunned in awe.

They fought until their knuckles bled; the only thing keeping them on their feet was the fact that they were leaning on each other, each attempting to throw the next weak, blood covered punch. The proctor dragged them apart and immediately the two of them lost consciousness. Vi and Shinji woke up in the infirmary, patched up but still sore. They found out that the match ended in a draw and because of this neither passed the exam. The two of them laughed it off and left together; no longer friends and rivals but family. It wasnt long after that Vi confessed his secret to Shinji, the truth about her birth. Shinji just laughed it off, and told Vi that he accepted her for who she was, male or female.

For years, the team worked together, completing any mission that was given to them. That is.. until Shinji was killed following a mission. When he heard the news, Vi was devastated; the young male fell into a depression that he nearly did not recover from. To Vi, Shinji was a part of him that he'd lost, something that was ripped out and destroyed. He withdrew everything he loved; family, friends, training. His mental state spiralled downward uncontrollably, the point that Vi attempted suicide...

The Ice Prince

In the middle of the winter was when he decided to do it; it would be simple. In the middle of a snowstorm, it would be easy to get lost and not be found until the spring thaw. And so, the male slipped out of his house in the middle of the night. The plan was 'perfect'; his clan lived on the outskirts of Fubiki in thier compound, so it was easy to get away. For hours, the male trudged across the frozen waters and across snow covered fields, the blizzard quickly covering his tracks. After a few hours, the male was exhausted, slowing down from the sheer fact that he could no longer feel most of his body through the cold and frost. As Vi collapsed into the bitter cold, he was faintly aware of someone aproaching him.

When the male came to, he was aware of several things. For one, he was still cold, yet he could feel himself once more. Fingers, toes, the tip of his nose and ears seemed fine, among other things. The second thing he noticed was that he was no longer in the middle of the snowfield where he'd fallen. Instead, he was laying down in a room that was not his own, covered in warm furs that were seeming to pulsate with warm air.  As Vi attempted to get up, the covering on him stirred, and opened a  pale blue eye to him and growled. A gigantic paw was placed on his chest  and he was nudged to lay back on the bed.

It was at that point that it happened. HE stepped into the room and chidded the creature that was laying half on the terrified nin. With a whistle, the youth called the creature off of Vi, and the person introduced himself as Shivran, son of Shiva and Shivir. Shivran went on to explain that he and his pet Fen had found Vi in the middle of the field and brought him back to try to nurse him back to health. When Shivran asked what exactly was he doing out in the snow storm by himself, so far away from town, Vi didnt want to answer.

Shivran merely shrugged in response, and informed Vi that he would have to remain where he was until he recovered. Over the next few days Vi recovered from his ordeal, and when he quietly inquired about going home, he was informed that the task was impossible; the pass through the mountain that seperated Shivran's family land from Fubikikure was was snowed in. If Vi wished to go home, he would have to wait until spring. Reluctantly, Vi agreed to wait.

As the days passed, Vi was introduced to the rest of Shivran's family; Shiva, his mother, and Shivir, his father, as well as thier extended family. The family welcomed Vi warmly, taking great care so that the male did not feel as if he were an outsider. Over time, Shivran and Vi grew to become close friends, with Shivran filling the void left in Vi by Shinji's death. Shivran became attached to Vi as well, offering to show him a few tricks with ninjutsu when he learned that Vi was a descendant of the Kazabana clan. Every technique was taught with a warm smile, a gentle laugh, and strict instruction.

As Vi soon came to realize, Shivran and his entire family were gifted in a sense; they were talented in thier use of Ice releases, seeminly able to utilize the element and its components without the use of hand seals at all. When Vi inquired about this, Shivran shrugged it off, merely saying that his family was 'special'. For the moment, Vi left it at that, and continued his learning. He soon found that under Shivran's tutelage, his skills with Suiton and Fuuton release flourished where he was initialy only barely aware of his power...

Several weeks into Vi's stay, his secret was revealed to Shivran. It happened as he sitting in the baths; Shivran accidentally walked in upon Vi as he was drying himself off. As Vi stuttered and tried to make excuses, Shivran laughed it off and said that he already knew; he'd been the one to find Vi out in the snow after all, and the one whom dressed him that first night to keep him warm, despite Fen jumping on him. Shivran honestly admitted to wanting to wait until Vi felt comfortable to tell him, but this worked as well. With Vi still blushing red, Shivran laughed again, and placed an arm around his shoulder and told the ninja to embrace himself, both sides. Vi was both; attempting to shy away from one side of himself would only result in him not living up to his full potential.

Vi took the advice to heart and opened up himself to embrace his feminine side, an alter ego he named Sixx, after the obvious pun on his name. His personality shifted somewhat as he began to relax; Vi was still a warrior at heart, a ninja of Fubiki who would do anything to protect his village, but Sixx... Sixx was different. Sixx was calmer, more compassionate to the people around her. Where as Vi would kill you without a second thought, Sixx would smile and tell you that you had exactly 'Sixx seconds to live.'. And with this change came a sense... of exhilaration, of freedom

All too soon spring arrived, reminding Vi that she had to leave. As Vi packed supplies, he was approached by Shivran with a gift, something the family prepared for her. It was a small charm on a necklace, something for Vi to remember them by. As Shivran slipped the trinket around Vi's neck, he told her she was more than welcome to come back and visit anytime.

RP Sample: A simple stretch, the female standing on the toes of her her right foot, left leg curling backwards and arched over her head. the perfect pose, held for over an hour without a movement. It was a test of sorts for herself; a benchmark for her to measure her ablities. She was a taijutsu specialist with an ephasis on speed and dexterity; being flexible was a core part of her abilities. With flexibility came the element of suprise; one would not expect a blow to come from a certain direction when they did not know they were dealing with a flexible person, and a Kaguya to boot.

The body held perfect pose, and the mind was strummed in perfect harmony. All senses dulled as the mind  drew into itself, devling deep into the subconsciousness.

As a warm breeze picked up, Sixx dived into her own mind and sought out her inner sanctuary; which oddly enough took the form of a rose garden this time. It was a weird thing. Every time Sixx meditated, her inner sanctuary changed into something different, each a reflection of her current emotions. The last time meditated, it was in the mouth of a volcano that was threatening to erupt. At the time, she'd been angry over losing out a bidding war at the local auction. She'd calmed down quick enough, the image of the volcano being replaced with that of a quiet lake of water.

As her mind wandered through the garden, she relaxed allowing herself to take deep, calming breaths...

As the living shell stood within the park, the mind wandered through the garden, taking care to admire the roses as she went. So perfect, so beautiful. As the spirit moved, a breeze picked up, causing the delicious scent of the roses to waft up into her nose. Outside, the body sighed, but the mind rejoiced in the scent. She knew it very well, the scent of cologne that her father wore.

"You're late, old man."

The response to her words was simply laughter. The winds increased, kicking up fallen petals and causing them to dance in the air. It took only a second. A bit of misdirection on his part. While her attention was drawn to the dancing petals, a hand was placed on her shoulder. She didn't jump nor move, really. The fact that he was taking time to be dramatic was annoying her; she was too old for his kind of stuff. It worked when she as younger, but she was eleven now. This stuff didnt impress her anymore, but that didnt stop him from doing it.

"I'm never late. You're just early, Sixx." His violet eyes flicked to meet hers, offering her a wink. "Besides, given my condition, how can I be late? I have nothing but eternity to wait for you." As Sixx stepped away from the hand, she turned and glared at the figure before her he, the spitting image of her father, Takama. "We're gonna make this quick, princess. You have a pressing issue to attend to soon."

The male opened a hand, and a strange engery filled it; a bizzare thing that glowed brightly, throbbing like a heartbeat.

"And this is?"

The spectre of Takama merely smiled as the orb vanished; the hand that held it lifted to catch a falling rose petal. "The flowers are lovely, no? Such fragrance, all from a single piece of the whole." The hand opened wider as the spetre went to work. Sixx watched closely as several other petals floated through the air and landed into her father's open palm. The flora bits arranged themseles, coming together and forming out a single blooming rose. "Imagnine the fragrance of a whole rose? Surely it would be more powerful than a single petal?"

"Get to the point, old man." Her foot was tapping on the soft earth beneath them, a clear sign of her impatience to which Takama merely laughed.

"You'll see soon enough. For now, its time for you to wake up." The arm holding the rose was drawn back and surged forward, throwing the rose bulb into her face. As the flora impacted her, she started, her mind being yanked back into her body.

On the physical plane, the two merged; her chest heaved as she took a sharp intake of air, her eyes blinking for the first time in long minutes.

The mind adjusted, the physical body snapped to attention, leg lowering down to the ground. She was calm for a moment until she realized someone was screaming.

Well, this was a bit odd. There were boys screaming, and running off like they'd seen a ghost. While the female didnt remember doing anything violent yet on this day, curiousity nevertheless take hold of her. Careful steps were taking, tracing the screaming. Two males ran past her, screaming louder than the first. Weird.

She'd been about to stop one to ask what was wrong when something caught her nose. A scent she knew very well. Taking a deep whiff, he stomach growled, reminding her that she hadn't eaten yet today... Sniffing at the air, the femlae followed the scent, attempting to track the source.

Faceclaim: Ekko ~ League of Legends

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Vi | Sixx
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