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PostSubject: Hakudoshi    Wed May 13, 2015 6:28 pm

Name: Hakudoshi Nero
Age: 21
Birthdate: May 20th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: Special Jounin

Village: Hinowa
Element(s): Amber Release | Water Release
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Medical Jutus (Ijutsu)
Special Characteristics: n/a


Weight: 120-130
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
General Description: Hakudoshi is a twenty one year old male, standing in at 5'8 and weighing about 120-130, Hakudoshi is a average sized person. Hakudoshi has medium length, messy dark brown hair that tends to do what it wants most of the time. He is a fairly pale boy with coffee colored eyes. He is typically dressed in a dark red cloak that has town edges to it, the collar of the cloak rising pass his neck and covering the lower part of his face as well. The cloak opens up at the center and hangs down to his mid thing. Underneath the cloak he wears a black tight fitting sleeveless shirt and dark grey shinobi styled pants, along with black combat boots.

About You!

Calm: Hakudoshi is a very keep to himself type. He normally doesn't say much, and will often times reply with silence if he doesn't feel the obligation to speak. He often times finds that speaking won't change the outcome of anything. This is most likely due to his past where his mother begged for their lives, but the outcome was still the same. The death of his family has pushed Hakudoshi to become not only calm but also colder. He seems lifeless in a sense, having no value for anything or anyone in his way. He doesn't value life too much, because he knows that others don't as well. His calmness gives off a very uneasy air about him.

Pompous: Hakudoshi is a bit over confident in his abilities as a shinobi. He knows that he was taught by two very skilled shinobi and believes that he is stronger than they were. He often times does things such as laugh or speak down upon enemies. Again adding to his coldness of not caring for others.

Intelligent: Hakudoshi is a extremely intelligent individual . This is most likely due to his tutoring from a young age from his parents. He is naturally quick when thinking of ways around situations or at manipulating those around him as well.


Birth: Hakudoshi's parents were both shinobi of the village. His father was a elite ranking shinobi while his mother was a respected medical shinobi. Both of them having a high standing in the village on a respect level. Although, shortly after realizing she was pregnant, Hakudoshi's mother retired from her shinobi life style. When Hakudoshi was born, the baby was healthy along with the mother. He was a prime example of health. He was shortly released to his parents after being born. His father would return his career as a shinobi though while his mother would care for the baby Hakudoshi.

Infant: As a infant, Hakudoshi was very healthy and given love from both of his parents. His mother cared for him most of the time, although his father did do his part when he wasn't away on missions. A lot of the village also came to visit Hakudoshi, wishing good luck and blessings upon the child. A sensory type ninja at one point even remarked that Hakudoshi gives off a powerful air about him. His young child hood was a happy and peaceful time.

Childhood: As Hakudoshi grew older, his mother began to hire tutors and began to educate him. Hakudoshi was a fast learner and often times impressed his tutors when it came to academics. Hakudoshi on his own was a very intelligent boy. Around the age of 7, Hakudoshi's father began to take interest in Hakudoshi. This lead to Hakudoshi begging his training to become a shinobi like his parents. He caught on quickly to basic ninja skills, such as shuriken throwing and tree climbing. Hakudoshi had an extraordinary amount of chakra control from a young age. This great chakra control is what made Hakudoshi's mother think that he would be skilled at Ijutsu or medical styled techniques, thus he also began studying medicine with his mother. Something he caught onto quickly. For a few years Hakudoshi studied medical jutsu with his mother and pratical ninja skills with his father. Both of them agreeing that Hakudoshi might one day surpass them. After some time of training, Hakudoshi's discovered that like his father and grand father, he was born with the Amber release. Thus, Hakudoshi's father decided he would take his son on the pilgrimage that he went on with his father to gather amber to use for the amber style techniques. They traveled to a small forest area a few days journey away and gathered amber for Hakudoshi to train with. Hakudoshi's father's method of using the amber release was through creating weapons to fight with, but Hakudoshi decided he would much rather manipulate the amber to work as a shield and sword. Hakudoshi began to train under his father in the Amber release and was extremely skilled at it. Once Hakudoshi reached the age of 12, he took a village test to be given the rank of genin. Passing with a near perfect score, the village was impressed by him. Hakudoshi was extremely happy with how his parents have worked with him and honored them quite a bit. He felt a sense of love for his parents and they did back to him.

Genin|Chuunin: After becoming a genin, Hakudoshi was placed in a squad and trained extensively to betters his skills as a shinobi. Many of the other genin often times found that he was a lot more experienced than most, probably because of his parents training prior to becoming a registered shinobi. While living the genin life style, he was faced with many missions and made bonds with other shinobi. While at the same time he continued to study under his parents. He lived a fairly normal genin life. Instead of taking the chuunin exams though which were quite a wait away, Hakudoshi took a independent test under the village at the age of 14 to become a chuunin. Hakudoshi also passed this test and was shortly assigned a missions with his father and his mother that began working as a medical ninja shortly before hand again. The mission was for his family and another squad to protect a near by village that was being attacked. They departed for the mission shortly after Hakudoshi was promoted to the rank of chuunin. He was extremely happy about becoming a chuunin and doing this mission with his family.

Shattered Ice: The small village that Hakudoshi's family was assigned to protect was a few days journey from the village they lived in. The village was in a snowy area. When the family arrived, the village was under attack with flames burning brightly as the village was being burned to the ground by others. Hakudoshi and his family quickly ran at the village with the other shinobi in hopes to give protection, which they did. They were able to fend off the attacking ninja as a team. Working together, but shortly after more shinobi arrived that out numbered Hakudoshi's squad and family. As they battled, they lost their hand and more of the squad members and villagers were killed. Instead, Hakudoshi and his family attempted to organize a evacuation of the remaining villagers and ninja instead of fighting a battle they know they could not win. Hakudoshi and his parents were the last ones to leave the evacuation because they were making sure everyone else was okay, just as his family was about to leave though, they were surrounded by the shinobi. Hakudoshi's mother pleaded that the enemy shinobi let her child and husband leave, but they did not listen and quickly killed Hakudoshi's mother. This enraged Hakudoshi's father who attempted to attack the ninja in a reaction. Hakudoshi stood in shock during it all as his mothers deceased corpse smacked the ground in front of him. His father shortly following. As they fell, the shinobi began to surround the young Hakudoshi. Hakudoshi in shock, stood there. Almost wanting to die. Just as he was about to give up, Hakudoshi's father screamed run with his final breath to Hakudoshi. This snapped Hakudoshi back into reality. He seemed colder and angrier. In rage, a large amount of amber from his father's possesion and his own attacked the others. He attacked with so much force that the other shinobi fled the location. Hakudoshi would stand in the center of the burning village knelled down beside his mother and father's corpses. He felt empty. He hated the world he lived in. He wanted to change it now. Even after his mother begged for their lives, they showed no mercy. Thus, Hakudoshi decided that he will show no mercy in this world either. He was going to change the world, regardless on if it hurt others. He was going to create a world for the innocent to be freed from pain, but he now realized the only way to do so was to eliminate anyone that stood in his way. Force must be used. Hakudoshi was different after this,  colder. More selfish and heartless.

Special Jounin: Shortly after the mission that destroyed his family, Hakudoshi was promoted to the rank of special jounin and has since then been performing missions for the village. Hakudoshi has began to feel some type of resentment towards his village, but doesn't intend on acting on those feelings until given a opportunity or right moment to do so.

RP Sample:  As Hakudoshi dashed through the forest, the gourd on his back weighing him down a bit. A few shadows caught up behind him, racing towards him. "You can't run forever kid!" One of the shadows claimed. At this moment, Hakudoshi stopped on a single branch and turned to face the other shinobi who stopped a few feet away from him. They were dressed in dark cloaks, making their identity unknown. Hakudoshi would look and count three shinobi and chuckle to himself slightly. "I suppose you're trying to take my scroll?" Hakudoshi asked in a sarcastic tone. "You're scroll?!" One of the men yelled in anger. Another spoke imediantly after, "You stole the scroll from our village." The man claimed. Hakudoshi's mission being to take the scroll. Hakudoshi would smirk slightly and one of the men reached for shuriken and flung three of them at Hakudoshi on the branch. Just as quickly as the shuriken were tossed though, Hakudoshi's gourd popped open released a stream of amber that surrounded Hakudoshi like a shield. "What a weird ninjutsu. ." One of the men said to himself as the shuriken smacked against the wall of amber. "Who's first?" Hakudoshi asked after a silence struck the battle field from the reveal of what Hakudoshi carried in his gourd.

Faceclaim: Unknown Anime Character

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PostSubject: Re: Hakudoshi    Thu May 21, 2015 9:17 pm

|Ready to be reviewed|
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PostSubject: Re: Hakudoshi    Fri May 22, 2015 1:22 am

Shizuku wrote:
|Ready to be reviewed|

Special Jounin begin with one element and one specialty. Please adjust.

Whatever badass shit you heard I did, you really need some context, because pretty much my whole life, pretty much right up until this minute, my default setting has been half-assed. But that was before I had a village to protect, and a child you threatened to harm. So imagine as I literally beat you to death that a giant hand has turned my dial from half-assed to quadruple-assed.

Come get some, Guest.

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PostSubject: Re: Hakudoshi    

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