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 Isis (medeval/modern fantasy world)Affiliate Request

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PostSubject: Isis (medeval/modern fantasy world)Affiliate Request   Wed May 13, 2015 11:26 am

The world is tension with the rumor voices of war. With the news of Egyptian gods being in the world and creating stuff in the world. News had got out that a young prince bore a slave mark that belonged to the gods and some fear because of his uncontrollable power that he might be used as a ticking time bomb for this world. One that might throw the world back in total darkness. While others think it is just people being paranoid and others think the threat is real. Since most of the royal Kingdoms around Nightmare has asked for people to go into Military training. Where they will be trained at Dragon's Nest. Though the royals had made it clear that it is not because of the Egyptian gods that they want to train there people in military combat,but it is because an alliance with an invading world is in the balance and some fear that with Salem in the condition she is in and that her brothers have gone crazy again. They just want to be prepared for a war with the invading planet incase it was to turn ugly. Others still think it's a cover up about the gods. With this news some have already began to take the long travle to Dragons Nest to train for combat.


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Site Genra:Medevil/modern fantasy mix



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Isis (medeval/modern fantasy world)Affiliate Request
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