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 Supernatural - End Of The Road

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Hell Hound

PostSubject: Supernatural - End Of The Road   Tue May 12, 2015 12:40 am


End Of The Road offers all new and original characters types and a whole unique storyline after season 7 of Supernatural. We offer a site with a close roleplaying family that is friendly and full of great role players. Even with so many character's there is just a handful of actual players so we need some new peeps to come on over! We're willing to help you create new ideas or anything else you need help with when on the forum so don't be afraid to jump in the chat with a hello!

Please keep in mind that this site is highly c-box based, which means that most of the RP happens within the chat. It's faster, more interactive, and keeps you busy. We do however try to keep the in character RP somewhat organized, having set locations and a whole unique storyline set up for the c-box only! That does not mean that board RP is not allowed, it just is not preferred by most members but most if not all are still open to RPing on the board. There are many plots that go on as well and to find out the major plots taking place right now check out the Important Reads section under C-Box Information. Some of the plots include a unique story involving the seven prince of hell, time travel, special psychics angelic blood, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Come join the fun and pop in the chat to give us a shout! Some of us don't bite.... Hard.
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Supernatural - End Of The Road
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